Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Bloggyful

Had a comment that I didn't post because it was cursing and swearing and name calling, but the gist of it was that my little media empire here is not a real job and that I am a charlatan and a fraud, blah, blah, blah.

So let me explain.

I am INCREDIBLY lucky to make a living blogging.  I know this, I'm aware of it, and I thank my lucky stars everyday when I see traffic reports or reminisce about when I had a real job.

However, especially since writing Bachelor Pad Economics, I noticed I was getting a little down and a little depressed.  This is normal because writing does take it out of you and I am usually very hard on myself ensuring I get my books written quickly, and done by a certain date.  This book (Bachelor Pad Economics) is going to be about 450 pages, and it will have taken about 2.5 months to write, edit, and publish.  I thought the malaise I go through was because writing is boring, but it wasn't until my girlfriend pointed out I had been writing for four hours straight at my local bar did I realize just how much time I was putting into this.

Between blogging, podcasting, writing, videos, not to mention splitting wood and all the household chores, I knock out about 16-18 hours a day on work.

Is this "real job work?"


Do I have to commute to a cubicle?


Do I have to deal with another gray-haired fool who lost his spine, balls and ability to lead during his MBA classes?


But that doesn't mean I'm lollygagging about, drinking rumpie, and playing video games all day.

It means I'm busting my ass off...and drinking rumpie occasionally playing video games all day.

In other words, detractors, haters, and jealous people, I do work.  This is a real job.  It's just one that's enjoyable and one where I am the ultimate authority and boss.  It's one I earned through my own sweat, toil, dedication, and sacrifice.

Ergo, you can be jealous all you want, but you can't get angry.  Well...I mean, you "can" get angry, but your anger is misplaced.

In the meantime I'll just continue to act like I'm drunk all the time, playing video games, sleeping in and never working just to irk the right people.

Enjoy the decline!


Aynsley said...

In the words of the internet, "Haters gonna hate."

Anonymous said...

It's not a 'real job'. That doesn't mean that you aren't working hard. Most people seem to think that writing is easy, but it's not. It takes a lot of energy to concentrate and create something new.

Plus, you finished your 7th book. That's more than most people with 'real' jobs will ever accomplish in their entire lifetimes. It's publishing envy, is all...

Senior Beta said...

Fuck 'em Captain. You and Roosh are the envy of the commuters/cubicle mice. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, the reason why I can afford to not be employed is that because I am ready TO DIE and GO TO HELL in order to not be an employee, let alone a job seeker.

The reason I am still alive today is because my father pays me a small allowance and given how he neglected me all my life I deserve it and I am absolutely not ashamed to take it and live off of it.

If ever, he is not paying me enough.

Anonymous said...

One last thing, what I hate about capitalism is that all the means of production are owned in private hands.

This forces workers to ask owners for permission to become productive.

This need to ask first for the permission to be exploited by an employer makes it impossible to keep your dignity as a worker under capitalism.

This explains why a lot of people prefer to follow the destruction principle.

When Ayn Rand complains in her book Atlas Shrugged that when producers need to ask the non-producers for permission before they can produce, in her twisted propertarian mind she was thinking the private entreprenor vs the evil state bureaucrat.

But in reality, the worker is the one who produces the goods and services and given that the employer takes a profit then he is not the producer, he is the eater.

And the worker who produces the wealth is being ask to ask for permission first and is being screwed by HR and being treated like shit through all the screening.

Ayn Rand would have never imagined nor admitted that it is capitalism with it's property system that forces the producers to ask for permission before they can produce.

It's this whole asking for permission thing that ticks me off and forces me to choose the path of destruction.

To destroy, I need nobody's permission.

beta_plus said...

Well, some of us love you Cappy Cap (no homo). I just bought Behind the Housing Crash to give your haters and Bronx Cheer.

Anonymous said...

IN response to anonymous. The owners created the means of production - or bought them off someone else who did. Means of production don't just appear out of the primordial ooze. As an author, the good capt is his own means of production. Stop bitching and create your own means of production.

Marshallaw said...

Hey Capo, splitting wood eh? Workin the whole bod. It'll warm you twice as the old saying goes. Anyhow keep up the good "work". And I'm not being sarcastic....

Green Steelhead said...

Anon, you are the one with twisted logic here. What the hell was all that psycho babble?

I don't think Cappy is asking permission from anyone to create his own wealth based on ideas. Come to think of it, that is how most producers do it: have an idea, create the product, sell the product and generate profit (and pay taxes after that). Of course, Cappy is creating and selling based on his knowledge and experience. And yes, this means of production is in his capable PRIVATE hands.

So, what are you advocating? "What I hate about captitalism is that all means of production are owned in private hands." Ummm....ok....so, you are not advocating private ownership, so that means your are advocating collective or state-run production, right?

Wow, bud, right on! Power to the collective...but you might need to ask permission from daddy to fund your lifestyle first.

Enjoy the Decline.

Torgo said...

Please forgive my ignorance, but you write that you drink "rumpie". What does that mean? Urbandictionary tells us that "rumpie" is "A guy with an attractive and notably hairless butt."

Blinding Buddha said...

Why they hating when they should be congratulating! I would much rather be doing what Cappy is doing than being tied up in a cubicle for 8 hours a day!

People are so conditioned to believe that sitting in a cubicle is what you are supposed to do. Never really noticing that there is more to life than being a slave on a plantation!

Keep doing and building Cappy! We need more people like you out here!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Pay the fools no heed. It it brings in money, it's real work. And it can bring in big bucks - think of J. K. Rowling. She also wrote in bars.

As for writing being hard work, well, welcome to the real world. Writing is damned hard work. Hemingway said something to the effect that he might take a holiday from writing and work as a ditch digger.

As for the malaise, that goes with any really creative work. You get deeply down into your psyche, down in the deep basement where strange half-formed notions and the ghosts of ideas live. It is sometimes called "dedifferentiation". and it can be really distressing. That's why writers have to be tough.

Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to your upcoming book. I do hope it has a section on Obamacare.

Peabody said...

Writing poorly is easy.

Writing something with proper grammar, syntax and spelling, that presents ideas and arguments in a manner that imparts the main theme after reading once, is difficult.

For me, sitting down and writing something that I am willing to publish on line is painful. I struggle. I edit. I rewrite. It's frustrating. After I publish, I am tired but happy. This tells me that I am not a 'natural' writer.

Writing well is HARD.

Keep up the good work, Cap!

Anonymous said...

stay at home bachelor, eh?

Anonymous said...

"Please forgive my ignorance, but you write that you drink "rumpie""

Captain Capitalism slang for Rhum or Whiskey I guess.

Anonymous said...

"stay at home bachelor, eh?"

What's left of it, LOL, YES !!!

At the rate at which I am tearing it appart out of rage, pretty soon there will not be much left of it, LOL !!!

There is no way I can repair it with the shitty allowance my dad pays me, LOL.

I am walking on drywall debris all over the place, LOL HA HA HA HA !!!

Dan said...

@Green Steelhead:

The Captain didn't have to ask permission to produce because of the self-publishing phenomenon on the internet.

This is a very new thing, and incidentally, relies on means of production that the Captain did not create (the Internet).

There was a time not so long ago when publishing his books would have meant whoring himself out to one publishing agent after another, ultimately sacrificing editorial control over his work in order to make a pittance off sales.

I think this kind of scenario is what Anonymous is railing against.

Nils said...

Isn't the whole point of enjoying the decline to not work hard because the rewards have diminished very far?

Anonymous said...

Captain Cappy has a minor addiction to an easily acquired, cheap German peppermint schnapps known as Rumpleminze.

Those of you who thought it was about the backside: WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU.

As for Cappy himself: You should invent a GE Mini Gun-like device that dispenses shots of frozen Rumpie. You could call it the Rumpienator. You could walk around on stilts, wearing skeins of Rumpleminze on bandoliers, becoming the Rumplestiltskin.

C'mon, you know you want to.

Unknown said...

There are always a certain number of commies out there, like psychopaths - its a small part of the population. Too many people bought the brain washing "its all capitalism that's to blame." I have some hater too that keeps attacking me and my site.

All I can say is that whoever reads your blog should come to grips with the idea the capitalism is about forging on your own and not being on the government dole. Good luck with all your projects.