Sunday, November 10, 2013

Masters Degree in Pop Culture

For the Patron Saint's Name of Frick.

A reader told me about it, but I could believe it.

But it's true.


What did you expect?  It came from the Frankfurt School.

My favorite is it is so worthless it makes journalism seem like a WORTHWHILE MAJOR.

My god, and I even have to spend time arguing with these people why their degrees are worthless.  The problem isn't worthless degrees.  It's galactically stupid people who can't or refuse to see that.


Heroditus Huxley said...

Kansas State University also has a culture studies concentration in their English grad program, too. They redefined "text" to mean absolutely anything but text.

Paul, Dammit! said...

We all know that 90% of 18-year olds are idiots. This is a great penalty tax for the idiots who spawned these idiots.

JoeAmerica said...

To me these places are more like scams (for large sums of money) preying on naive young people.

Anonymous said...

This situation is a conundrum. I hate that these institutions get away with the money for useless shit like this, but I also enjoy seeing the morons who sign up get screwed for their arrogance and lack of ambition.

DrTorch said...

As someone who attended BGSU, I will say that studies in pop-culture are better than many other programs.

It's not unlike history and anthropology, just more recent.

It can be soft, or it can be surprisingly rigorous. I think BG requires more from pop-culture students than one would guess.

If you really want to bust on BGSU, then look at their "Leisure Studies" degree.

Amy said...

I had to take a women's studies class (requirement, not by choice) and the "prof" was a TA who was pursuing her PhD in "pop-culture", although at that time she was under the aegis of the English department as a degree in pop culture didn't technically exist yet.

I wouldn't be surprised if that fat buzz-cut dyke didn't have something to do with making such a major an official part of a college's catalog.

DrTorch said...

Oh yeah, if I may, I'll add that BG's pop-culture program is not a recent addition.

You may recall a Rolling Stone Magazine article about it circa late 1988.