Friday, November 22, 2013

Cleaning House Linkfest

From our Muslim Agent in the Field - Swiss young socialists want to pass a law limiting executive pay to 12 x's the lowest paid worker.

From our Rookie Canadian Agent in the Field - Feminism declining since 1990's.

From our Glorious Hat Agent in the Field - Wishing you and everybody good times this 2 months worth of holidays.

From our Canadian Agent in the Field - Explaining to young men that there is hope and you still have a life to live.

From our Matt Forney Agent in the Field - Matt is, well, Matt.  He is an adjective unto himself.  He's Matt "Forney-ey" and was kind enough to review my book.


OregonGuy said...

Pass it and find out how capital flight works.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Are those hats made out of sealskin? Made from a cute little baby dead seal? Which will freak out all the Greenpeacers? If not, WHY not?

UsedToBeAnOregonGuy said...

The real question is talent flight, not capital flight.

If I'm a shareholder in Switzerland, I'm going to be overjoyed that my company can suddenly hire it's executives at a fraction the price they did before...meaning millions of dollars suddenly on the balance sheets that before went to the CEO. If I'm Swiss, I keep my money in the country.

But if I'm a Swiss CEO, I'm going to look long and hard about taking my talents elsewhere, to another country that does not have those restrictions.