Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Why You Should Sleep With Your Students

Permit me to be blunt...not that I wasn't previously.

You should totally sleep with your students.

Of course I am not speaking to K-12 employees or anybody who takes their teaching job seriously, but if you are like me and ended up teaching on a part time basis to adults, you should totally take advantage of your situation and sleep with your students.

The reasons are numerous and the drawbacks are nearly non-existent.

As a (male) instructor you are already put in a position of power and authority, granting you at least two more points on the scale of 1-10.  I cannot count the number of women I seduced because I was a:

dance instructor
economics professor
financial advisor

It was almost effortless.

So why should you refuse the advantage if you are in an equal position of educational power?

Aren't you men working primarily to work up the money to hopefully convince a young lady to copulate with you?  Why work so hard when your profession will do that job for you?

Also, unless you are really attached to your job or you are teaching minors, does it really pay enough for you to start having morals?

Sure, there were rules against professors dating their students.

Sure, there were rules against me fornicating with my apprentices. 

But there weren't any rules after class ended.  And there certainly weren't any rules after they graduated.  Besides, no girl is going to rat you out and if she does you at most lost a job that paid a lousy $18/hour and had no job stability. 

The larger point is simply this:

Out of every bit of game and strategy I've ever ran, it was "Teacher Game" that got me the most play.  Being an economist scored me nothing.  But being an "economics professor" scored me at least three nubile girls.  Being a salsa dancer was fine.  I think I got a couple dates.  But being a salsa dance instructor score me much more. 

It is the position of power a teacher/professor/instructor has that grants him a HUGE advantage when it comes to seducing women.  So instead of going down to the night club and perfecting your "negging" skills, may I perhaps suggest an alternative?

Go to your local community college or community education department and "selflessly" become a teacher of one sort or another.

Women under your tutelage are much easier than women at the bar.


Anonymous said...

What about sleeping with the drug dealer you're investigating:

So, to sum up: she blew her cover, the drug dealer and the case. She's three for three!

A pity she didn't nail the case as well as she nailed the drug dealer.

Evyl Robot Michael said...

You know that's a crime in some states?

Unknown said...

The belief in "negging" and "shit-tests" is gobbledegook. Personally, I have found if you can make them laugh - in other words, if they have fun with you - you're in.

beta_plus said...

Salsa instructor is harmless.

But sleeping with students you give grades to is a conflict of interest.

I'm sure that it worked.

beta_plus said...

It is an interesting argument that women and men should be educated separately.

Pete Brewster said...

Not so fast, Captain.

You could probably fill a chapter in your new book with a list of feminists who slept with their profs and blackmailed them into pulling strings for them to get them into jobs they had no hope of qualifying for on their own merits. Among the most notorious of the MSM's feminist vanguard are former mistresses of J-school profs who knew (and who their students knew knew) the right people at the right newspapers.

Anonymous said...

@ Evyl Robot Michael
@ beta_plus

Read the post again.