Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Bravo Good Man



Anonymous said...

Sad story...hope his family gets peace.

But cappy, I found this amazing article of an American womyn in Italy who conned some poor Italian guy into marrying HER.

In the blog post, she talks about how she barely batted an eye when her husband had a terrible allergic reaction (and acted like a bitch the whole time)

She then spends a few paragraphs going over why socialized medicine is AWESOME!

This could be put under "stay frosty"

Faithless cynic said...

Sounds like this guy was a MAN instead of a mere penis carrier. Instead of bankrupting his family for long term care he just said goodbye and checked out. This does illustrate a point:

Everyone should have a living will good for thier state of residence AND a short video expressing thier end of life preferences. Hospitals can and do keep patients alive long after it makes sense. They do this to graze more money from your soon to be dead body. Even if you have few assets, the medical vampires will 1099 you anyway. They get a deduction and your family has to deal with the IRS. Make sure you are as judgement proof as possible.