Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Why Doesn't This Come Standard with Every Podcast?

I am still amazed when it's becoming progressively clearer and clearer that podcasts are the way of the future, that the best podcasters out there still do not have something like this standard in all of their websites.

How hard is it to put a "want to sponsor the program" page with contact info?

Look, I do not get paid for this.  I am really just that happy of a customer and perhaps more stunned from an economics standpoint how celebrity podcasters just aren't monetizing their sites. Regardless, I cannot endorse Tom Leykis' Show and Gary's professionalism enough for all you budding entrepreneurs looking to expand your business.  The demographics are perfect, the price is affordable, chances are (unlike pretty much any radio ads you might run) you will get a positive rate of return on your investment.


Gilberto Dorneles da Rocha said...

How hard is it to have RSS feed? still, no sign of it on your blog.

Gilberto Dorneles da Rocha said...

You can also let people follow you on facebook, this way you don't need to their timeline crap, but they can see your timeline, like and comment your posts, thus increasing your klout score.

heresolong said...

Thanks Gilbert. I suggested this and was accused of being one of them young kids. Been a while since that happened since I'm a "couple" years older than the Captain. Keep the pressure on. He'll cave.


Fred Z said...

"podcasts are the way of the future"

Yeah, for the low IQ with a reading........speed......of..........three........words..........per.........minute.

Go ahead, pick your customers, but perhaps you might go read a book on information theory and consider data density.

heresolong said...

Fred, I think he's talking about it replacing radio. You can't read while driving your car or working out and podcasts have much lower overhead than radio shows.