Friday, November 22, 2013

How Verenice Gutierrez Demonstrates How Much Feminism Has Failed

I shall point out a handful of things because I wish this to be short and most of my readers already have the background knowledge they need no hand holding.

Verenice Gutierrez is the principal of a school who has claimed peanut butter and jelly is racist.

1.  Minority who benefited from affirmative action.
2.  Ugly
3.  Feminist
4.  Worthless doctorate degree
5.  Abuses children so she can have a faux career acting like she's educating them when she's really indoctrinating them.
6.  Cares more about advancing her socialist ideology than educating children

I simply point out one thing:

If this is the best product socialism and feminism can put forward AND society decides to put this worthless human being in charge of children's education, it is not only a testament to how much feminism has jumped the shark, but how blatantly obvious it is we don't give two shits about educating our children.

Oh, and yes, she is ugly.


Unknown said...

She should be sterilized. Yeck, ugh, gack.

Anonymous said...

No mention of grape soda?

kurt9 said...

I've noticed that as well over the years. Overtly political feminists tend to be ugly. Attractive women tend to describe themselves as "middle of the road" or as simply "apolitical".

Anonymous said...

"What is that? Is that a man in there or something?"

Anonymous said...

Parental malpractice to send a child to that school.

Father Marker said...

Well if this be the case then Australians are definitely racist. We happen to enjoy a BLACK substance known as Vegemite which many enjoy on toast in the morning.

Of course everyone else who is not Australian generally hates the stuff especially Americans. I suppose it is racist against Americans.