Friday, November 15, 2013

Use the MSM, Don't Let Them Use You

These people are no geniuses with diabolical plans, because if they were, they wouldn’t have gone to work into media in the first place (my experience shows that reporters are not the mostly intellectually curious of people). Any agenda they have against you is primarily due to mental indolence. They work with people who all think they same because they all graduated from the same colleges. Think of them as bubbly, useful idiots who hate rocking the boat.


Feh said...

It is impossible to use the MSM.

All you can do is isolate yourself from it.

Why do you want an open sewer pipe spewing feces into your living room, anyway?

Relampago2013 said...

As someone who has had experience with media types, I can say that they are some of the most intolerant, mean-spirited, narcissistic, and closed-minded people you will ever meet in your fucking life. They turn back-biting into an art form.

They never challenge hierarchies (except symbolically,) they take what an authority figure tells them as the gospel, and hold themselves as well as everyone they interact with to their narrow world view and rigid, conventional way of doing things.

Which is why they are dying. When you live in a myopic world, and can't see reality because it doesn't fit your doxy, people start to figure out that you're phony and start looking for alternatives for information.

The media has become a grotesque parody of itself. And they're too stupid to realize it. They still cling to the delusion that they're important.

Expect more witch trials and even more outrageous "problems" created out of whole cloth as the beast sinks into the abyss.

Edwin Calais said...

I agree with Feh.

They are yesterday's news anyways. They are losing to the bloggers they once so viciously attacked only a few years ago.

Why show them mercy, let alone, a shred of respect?

Kill your TV.

Pete Brewster said...

Anybody who really wants to find out what the men's rights movement is all about is well able to read what its leading lights have to say on their websites, in their own words. We have no use for the MSM. We have the Internet.

NEVER talk to the MSM, any more than you would to the police. Both work for Big Sister, and their job is to silence or destroy anybody Big Sister hates or fears. Anything you say will be used against you. Any questions a policeman or a journalist really needs to ask an MRA can and ought to be referred to his attorney.

Anonymous said...

I told my kids long ago that if they joined the MSM they would be instantly disowned and forbidden to communicate with me and the wife!!!

Same with being be a lawyer or politician. All douche bags!!!