Monday, November 18, 2013

American Men Demand Their Careers, Women, and Children Back

aka "Why the Manosphere isn't going away."

Warning, 30 minute video a stiff drink.


Anonymous said...

Sorry - much as I like your blog I don't watch no 30 minute video blogs.

Captain Capitalism said...

That's why I put the warning. I know my audience ;)

Take The Red Pill said...

I only want my career back; as for the women and their thugspawn -- they wanted Big Daddy Government, they can keep Big Daddy Government (the question is, if Big Daddy Government will have them).
I've left the plantation and I'm not going back.

Anonymous said...

I just want a good paying career, I have no use for women or children.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Hey Cap,

Three stories that will interest you:

The second story is hilarious: basically, she was happy having bondage sex with a stranger MULTIPLE TIMES, but when she found out it was her ex-husband she cried rape.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Further to my last post, isn't it interesting that the majority of people defending the HR Departments are women or men who work in them, with the majority of detractors either being men or people who would benefit from selling their services to a company which closed down HR.

PioneerPreppy said...

I think you missed the real reason Feminist are beginning to worry about the Manosphere. Well you didn't miss it but you didn't point it out in it's simplicity either.

Feminism needs the men to enforce it. Without men willing to oppress other men. Feminism dies.

Oh they tried to just remove the worst types of men. Namely the White boys, you know the Patriarchy. They pushed their multi-culturalism in the hopes of finding more willing men to support them but that isn't working out either.

It's too late for me to get a career back. I am here only for you younger guys and the hope that I will get to see the faces of these Femo-skanks when reality sinks in.

Matt said...

As you've pointed out many times Cap, men can live very simply. We don't need new granite countertops or the latest stainless steel appliances. Women need those things, not us.

In fact, I could live in the ghetto. It would suck. I wouldn't want to do it, but I could. I've lived in the third world before, so I know what it's like.

Now picture your average white, spoiled-rotten suburban chick. Think she could live in the ghetto? Umm, hell no. But that's exactly where America is headed, thanks to our idiot leftist Overlords.

So when men start saying, "F this," and walking off the plantation. Well, that scares them. Who is going to pay the $700,000 mortgage?

Anonymous said...

Here's one for you:

All about Operation It Could Be Youtree. All the old TV stars from the 70s are arrested because middle aged women think so.

mina smith said...

Sharing this on The truth about guns as I think the parallels as to the influence of women/feminists/the left that the Manosphere fights is precisely the same contingent that the gun guys are fighting. They just don't understand it ... them ... the fight - who it is against, how or why. They don't get it. Very frustrating.

Meanwhile ... back at the ranch ... I love to camp and have done at least three cross country camping trips (to California and back through various routes) and have had the (dis)pleasure of Wall Drug. Spent my time there at the little homey town bar watching NASCAR. You know they are famous for their glasses of ice water?? :-D


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