Thursday, November 14, 2013

I Will Only Protect the Women Close to Me

Hosurance is the correct moniker to explain this utterly contemptible and disgusting advertisement by Colorado's insurance exchange.  I won't delve into it in detail as I believe Roissy has done a good enough job, but I will merely point out two things this vile and childish advertisement screams at everyone:

1.  American women have decayed so much that this isn't considered a parody or mockery of them, but rather an accurate portrayal.  Making it worse, the advertisement was likely made by liberal women who have no clue just how badly they've presented women.

2.  This is young women telling men they don't need men, they just need the government.  Maybe a fling here or there, but man's role in society is no longer provider, father or head of household, just a hot guy for a romp around the bedroom.

To that end, it is now my policy to only help women I know and trust.  If I'm already paying for harlots' health insurance and they're going to return the favor by acting like Miley Ray Cyrus and marrying the government, I'm done.  I don't care if it's -20 and you're on the side of a road with an overturned car.  If it doesn't have a conservative bumper stick or some other obvious evidence you care to support yourself, call up the federal government tow-car hotline.


Anonymous said...

Captain, I agree with many things you write about western women and I agree with articles such as this

It is useful to be aware. But fighting is simply not worth my time. I keep up with these only if there is time left. But articles such as the following are more interesting to men. What can men do for men:

all the best!

Relampago2013 said...

These advertisements prove what many of us already know about the modern 'murican woman. Today's "liberated" Anglo women are saying that a man's job in today's society is to strap themselves in for a hell ride on the corporate slave ship, so women can extract as much in taxes and bennies as they can from these hapless (and sexless) Beta males. All the while, they're free to pop out as many bastard kids as they want from shiftless "bad boys" at your expense.

Alpha fux, Beta bux applies here. After all, nobody worth caring about is paying for the gurlz free ride through life.

It's the very worst instincts women have now becoming predominant in society.

Anonymous said...

You've taken the "Hembling Pledge"...See recent JtO vid in which he declared the same intent. Serious fem rage flared all across the internets. Feck 'em.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully all understand that that site is a parody of those who like Obamacare. Still though, The Captain is right.

Joe Bar said...

You missed the "Bros" doing the kegstand ad. Just as horrible.

Anonymous said...

they are not a parody. i know, it's hard to believe. it's not.

as for the idea here, i've been thinking the same thing. when the shit hits the fan, the ants had better not help the grasshoppers. they will bring the same ideas with them again, with ZERO awareness of their folly.

no helping the leeches, looters, and mooches.

Anonymous said...

Monkey-Face-Miley jumping around like a Crimson-Assed Baboon.You know we are in the last Act when O'l Monkey-Face, the Meth-Heads Madonna, is all the rage.

mina smith said...

I can change a tire in under 10 minutes, and the last time I did it it was about 10F and windy like crazy. Oh yeah and I was in work clothes. Driving a stick shift car that I had to park on a hill so I could pop the clutch to get it started (damn I loved that car!!! Ford Escort Wagon c 1993 ... 275,000 miles ... rotted from the undercarriage ... sad, sad, sad)

V10 said...

All well and good, but it's just ranting unless we can get this message out there on a regular basis.

Still running it through my head how to actually articulate refusing to help someone. "That's what government programs are for" is short and simple, but it feels like the actual message is lost.

It's got to be concise enough to make the point, without becoming preachy and proselytizing

Pete Brewster said...

Like Hosurance? Then you'll love Hobucks, coming soon from the Yellen Fed.

Pretty soon money itself will only be of value to female idlers with the free time to stand in line at the grocery store and the mall to spend their funny money on whatever their little hearts desire the moment the Hobucks show up in their bank account. Men still dumb enough and beta enough to willingly chain themselves to a desk of machine at a corporate job will be screwed out of half their wages before they have a chance to spend a dime---and that's before tax withholding.

earl said...


"Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces."

Anonymous said...

I like your blog. I respect your desire to protect the women in your life. I support your stance on not throwing pearls before swine. But your habit of assuming the worst of women is SO annoying and strikingly immature. You appear to have had multiple epiphanies and changed your attitudes accordingly. Maybe it's time to lessen the generalized vitriol? In this concrete instance, what do you gain by refusing to help someone (a woman) in a potentially dangerous situation? For narrative purposes, I guess it works; in real life, not so much. You sound like a jerk here, but I will just have to assume faced with an actual emergency, your humanity kicks in. Otherwise the creed you're selling is just as shallow as buying a Prius to make yourself feel necessary.

Take The Red Pill said...

Anonymous: "...But your habit of assuming the worst of women is SO annoying and strikingly immature."

Men have become used to assuming the worst of women due to the last forty to fifty years of sharing the same society with them. To wit, "When the sun consistently rises in the East and sets in the West, you come to depend on that being a constant."