Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Diversity and Feminism Not Selling on Night Time TV

Keep making leftist, political, virtue signaling slop, Hollywood.  People aren't buying it.  I can't think of people who need to waste more money than you leftists on the left coast.


Anonymous said...

The white knightism of the comments in the article was interesting. But, it is hard to see so many blue pilled men around who support this kind of propaganda. On the other hand, I should not be surprised about the mangina's carrying water for the feminista machine in this day and age.The women commenters were all in the tank for the show and that was not surprising either. I threw my TV out many moons ago and have not looked back since then.

Tucanae Services said...

I would rather watch 'rio lobo' with john wayne for Nth time than something like PITCH. Heck 'A League of Their Own' was a better plot line.

Adam said...

My wife, who was a D1 pitcher in NCAA softball, hated this show. If they can't attract viewership with someone of her background, I don't think it had a chance.