Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Episode #197 of The Clarey Podcast

Cappy's scotch "Glenclarey"
"The Silent Bar"
RoundhousePITCHINGchickcopshow canceled
Female cop puts everybody else in danger.
Women's feelings more important than safety.
Reality or leftism?  Choose.


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David Jravis said...

"The Sommelier" (Peter Serefinowicz) is my favorite character from John Wick 2. What what it be like to have such an extensive knowledge of firearms and weapons that you could actually refer and recommend them the same way you would different wines for a seven course meal?

"What would you recommend for the third course? Something loud, something bold..."

"Ah, may I suggest the Mossberg 500 Tactical? Dual action, top safety for ambidextrous use, and an anti-jam elevator that ensures smooth operation. It has an effective range of 40 meters, which will surely leave an impression on ALL of your guests, wanted... or UN-wanted".

How cool of a job would that be?