Sunday, May 28, 2017

Professor Bret Weinstein Meets His Frankenstein Monster

Bret, let me tell you that you deserved and continue to deserve everything coming your way.  You created these anti-freedom monsters and it is a DIRECT result of your leftist politics. 

Don't worry, soon nobody will be hiring your students because, seriously, who is ever going to hire liberal arts graduates?


Anonymous said...

Evergreen State College has a 98% acceptance rate. If the president kicks out the protesters, there is nobody to replace them.

liberranter said...

At the rate that the decline is accelerating, I seriously wonder when the point will be reached when no one in (what little will remains of) the private sector will hire the graduates of any government colleges and universities. The day will soon dawn when none of these schools will "teach" anything other than left-wing propaganda. The day is already dawning where they are watering down and thus destroying their STEM curricula with PC nonsense. Graduates are already proving themselves to be utterly useless to most employers.

So we're facing a situation where having a college degree is mandatory for most jobs, yet no colleges are teaching anything useful that will qualify any of their graduates for these jobs.

Sounds like a globalist plot to me...

Un Americano said...

The chickens are coming home to roost.

seattle said...

All these students involved in this worthless behavior and schooling think they are racking up points and value by recording every protest and indignation on FB, Twitter, Instagram and every social media platform they can find. Unbeknownst(means you are not aware, for you college kids) to them most future employers are going to pay a visit to these sites. They are going to check if you have the potential to cost them tens of thousands of dollars in productivity because the water cooler cups are not being labeled according to gender and safe spaces that are not large enough for your lazy fat lard asses.

Anonymous said...

Dissidents/conservatives of my acquaintance who work at Evergreen (secretaries and trades) call him Bret Frankenstein, FWIW.

One of his biology colleagues just down the hall wrote a letter to the campus saying how Evergreen's culture "is not that of a liberal arts college anymore."

Actually it is--the biggest most disruptive mouths have always been considered the most liberal.

Of course she's trying to pretend she didn't just awaken into the land of Racial Realism: now that the big mouths are thuggish blacks and their cucked white panderers, she's scared, because she left Santa Cruz and Ann Arbor for Olympia PRECISELY to get away from blackness. (In this the BLMers are correct--and the proper reply should be: STFU you savages or we'll Roarke's Drift you into compliance with western behaviors of deportment.)

What I found hilarious was when she claimed that the BLMers are acting this way because of the alt-right. I.e., BLM, which was burning down cities years before there was any such thing as the alt-right, or before Trump had even declared for POTUS, somehow came into the future to steal (ha!) alt-right "tactics."

Me, I'm going long on popcorn. Weinstein has a measure of courage to be sure...but it's tweaking his "lonely Jew standing up to the Cossacks" narrative. Fact is, he doesn't give an explosive sh!t about western civilization, higher education, etc. And I think he's genuinely surprised that he's considered a "white man" by the rioters.

Anonymous said...

Simple statement: if the average SAT math score of a school's incoming class isn't at least 600, it's probably a worthless school.

Moreover, must be fun for the more conservative eastern Washington residents to pay higher taxes so that they can fund the liberal arts studies of the future agitators who will demand more tax dollars for other things.