Thursday, May 04, 2017

The Struggle is Real

Blaming Trump and racism for driving drunk.

I don't know if I'm more impressed that leftists think that line with work with a cop or that they've been so successfully brainwashed to use "isms," "ists," and "Trump" to absolve themselves of any responsibility in the world.

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Sorcerygod said...

Hi, Captain. Sorcerygod here again.

I just want to remind you of my existence. I am trying to make money in this world, and when I do I'd love to bring you along with me for the ride.

You are charming, charismatic, a wonderful cad -- and if and when I get to start my Exosorss Corporation, I'd like you to be VP of Finance.

Laugh if you will. But spare some hope in your heart that it will happen. I plan on summoning and surrounding myself with friends picked from the Internet.

You could be part of that, if I can swing it. As a successful lottery ticket, I would offer a great salary, productive important work, and a bevy of close friends who are very like you -- right or alt-right in orientation, realists, men with a sense of humor. Demi-Gods as I call them.

Lottery ticket. Me. Keep that ticket in mind as we march in lockstep together into the future.