Sunday, May 14, 2017

Poor Richard's Retirement Now Available on Kindle!

For $6.74 you may guarantee you have an adequately funded retirement by purchasing the Kindle version of "Poor Richard's Retirement."  As a friendly reminder, if you already practice minimalism and know humans are the most important thing in life, you do NOT need to buy/read this essay.  Won't hurt and certainly you may enjoy some of the philosophical takes on economics, retirement, finance, and evolution play an interactive role with one another, but it is not a "must read" for regular Cappy readers/listeners.

Audio book version coming out quite shortly actually for those of you, who like me, do not like to read.

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Anonymous said...

Write a book on how to FIGHT against GOVERNMENT TYRANNY that prohibits people from being minimalists and forces us to spend money we would rather SAVE.

Write a book on how to FIGHT Property taxes, how to FIGHT mandatory minimum dwelling sizes, how to FIGHT the building code, how to FIGHT the mandate to hook to the utilities.

It would be so easy to live an extremely minimalist life if you fully owned your land, you had the right to build a tiny house on it if you wish to, you had the right to make your own electricity with windmills, solar panels, water mills if there is a river etc., you had the right to grow your own food ... including on your front lawn.

I am even thinking outside the box and thought of a flying bug capturing vacuum with an attraction light and a giant fan to trap the bugs. That would make high protein patties.

The only reason that Poor Richard cannot retire is because the government wants to milk away from him any surplus he generates and force him to work until he drops.

Also, inflation makes it impossible to save money as a store of value.

Write a book that teaches and encourages people on how to FIGHT against regulations and mandates that makes it hard to live a minimalist life and teach how to hedge against inflation.

This is a war with winners and losers. The winner will either be the minimalist or the tax man.

Train the minimalist on how to PULVERIZE the tax man. Form an army of minimalists, one book sale at a time, and force the tax man and the regulators to retreat or face harsh consequences.

The time for peace is over, it's time to get SAVAGE. A SAVAGE book on how to fight back would be a best seller.