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Where Last Man Standing Fails Conservatism

"Last Man Standing" is a family sitcom starring and created by Tim Allen.  Tim plays "Mike Baxter" - successful marketing executive, father of three daughters, and husband to the very milfy Nancy Travis. However, what makes the show stand out from the rest is its superb writing, BRILLIANT acting, incredibly clever humor, and above all else, the conservative principles showcased in the show.  Despite some genuinely cringe-worthy sappy moments, it is hands down my favorite TV show on today, rivaling Black Books, Father Ted, and IT Crowd in terms of humor in my opinion.

Because of its quality and unabashed conservative politics it has become a favorite of Americans who still love America.  It's teaches the value of the nuclear family, strong male role models, fathers, capitalism, and work ethic. And it also skewers leftists, socialists, and SJW's for their blatant stupidity and naivety on a regular basis.  Since at least half of Americans don't hate America (not to mention are sick of the leftist indoctrination being shoved down people's throats) it's no surprise it has such high reviews, a loyal following, and is running into its 6th season.

There is, however, a major flaw in the show in terms of the politics it, and Tim Allen, are trying to convey.  A flaw that is reflective of the larger conservative community, and one that it is unaware of and has been been unaware of for quite sometime.  And though I know "it's just a show" and to relax, because the secondary purpose of the show is to use the American family as a vehicle to make the case for conservative principles, this is something the conservative community in America needs to fix within itself.


While conservatives, republicans, libertarians, and anybody "not left" eviscerates and condemns dependency upon the state, "Last Man Standing" unintentionally advocates a similar such unjust parasitism, but upon the family.  In the Baxter household, Mike Baxter has:

1.  Bailed out a teenage single mom daughter.
2.  Allowed for free lodging for all adult daughters
3.  Allowed one daughter to set up her company in the basement (also rent free)
4.  Paid for/committed to pay for all daughter's colleges
5.  Given no consideration for the quality of these degrees (fashion)
6.  Bailed out the leftist-ex-dead-beat-dad-now-reliable-father son-in-law from his student loans
7.  Pays for all adult children's cars, cell phones, food, and insurance
8.  Lets the wife quit her otherwise respectable STEM job to become a (you guessed it) teeeeeaaaacheeeerrrr.

and oh,


It's so bad it makes you wonder if Tim Allen ever actually did time in prison.

But then there is an interesting juxtaposed character.  One whose background is the complete opposite of the spoiled suburbanite Baxter daughter royalty.  One, that though I'm sure Mr. Allen intended to be there for lovable, comic relief, makes my point by exposing the lack of meritocracy in the fictional "Last Man Standing" world.


Kyle is a moron as much as he is a good and genuine soul.  He works at the outfitting shop Mr. Baxter works at, is incredibly loyal, does the most demeaning work without question, looks up to the fellow "sirs" in the shop, and is the epitome of the most loving, loyal, but stupid, dog.  Dumb as he may be, however, he is superior to most everybody else in the show for his age group because....

he supports himself.

The entire show Kyle is living on his own and supporting himself.  He lives in a dumpy, studio apartment (that gets raided by bums), doesn't have any illegitimate children, helps support his grandmother, and not once ever asks for a handout, a bail out, a car, free lodging, free tuition, or even a free fishing pole.  If anything Kyle just wants a father in his life, painfully pining for one of the "sirs" to accept him as such, but (if you were to watch the show) it's tragically depressing how he's never tossed a bone or given a fraction of the help the Suburbanite Royalty Baxter Princesses are, or worse, taken advantage of.

Here's how this would go down in the real world, and is the VITALLY IMPORTANT LESSON many conservative families, especially fathers need to learn.

First, the Baxter daughters would be insufferable spoiled brats, much like most suburbanite princesses are today.  None of them would have real jobs, they would perpetually be forever-dependent upon their dad for a bailout, they would be EASILY brainwashed into leftist stooges in college, they'd all be "feminists," they would stand up their dates, and they would NEVER view the family as the unit of society.  They would be, much like most 30 somethings today, facing mom and dad FINALLY cutting the purse strings because they never did before, finding ways to avoid getting real jobs and getting their student loans forgiven.   But worse (and remember, this is for you conservative fathers who want to raise conservative daughters so they go off and marry similar young Mike Baxters) they would be unmarriageable.

I've explained this before, but spoiling your precious little princess only makes it hell for the younger men to date her.  Certainly in terms of entitlement mentalities, but also younger men simply cannot compete against a Mike Baxter wallet.  And while you think this is predominantly a SWPL upper middle income affair, it is universal across all income and racial categories.  Men in the ghetto, barrio, or trailer park cannot compete against a government check to win the affection, attention, and commitment from their women.  Regardless of your socio-economic status, simply handing things to people (be it from the private sector or public sector) result in inferior people, no matter where you hail from, and the rest of us get to deal with these people when they're released into society.

Two, Kyle, despite his mental handicap, would be an infinitely more successful, stable, reliable, happier, and superior person.  And the reason is simple - he suffered, he endured, he learned.  Unlike being pampered in opulent suburbanite bliss, Kyle was forged in the fires of the real world.  And because of that would come out much stronger and reliable than the worthless faberge eggs being mass produced by conservative fathers in the blissful suburbs.  But more importantly, for the sake of conservatism in America, he would know what it takes to survive in the real world, what it's like to work in the boiler room of the Titanic, he would know how the real world works and all THAT....

would result in him holding conservative principles.

The irony of Last Man Standing's political aims is the exact same irony of conservative fathers across America.  You guys are creating the leftist monsters you're so desperately trying to fight.  And you're doing it by fostering dependency and parasitism in your children.  If you really love the country, if you really love America, if you really love your children, given them a little more Kyle and a little less Mandy.

We real men and women in the real world who had to support ourselves would appreciate it.
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Sorcerygod said...

Outstanding article, Captain. You're on fire.

Although I dearly love graphical facts (pie charts, bell curves, et. al), I imagine you can relax and really let fly when you've got something you know well that also touches your heart and your mind.

Your intellect is razor-sharp and you will make an incredibly valuable addition to my corporation when I get it off the ground.

(P.S. Think of me as a lottery ticket. Maybe I will, maybe I won't -- but it won't cost you more than a penny to remember me in case I decide to call you in the ring and hire you. I'll be posting much more in the future, and I will make comments to you in the newest, freshest posts in reference to older posts that I am going to begin reading.)

*salutes Cappy*

You are a Great Man. ~S*Gd.

Anonymous said...

Agree with every single observation...

Un Americano said...

"Worthless Fabergé eggs." I will use this as an insult.

Anonymous said...

This is a three part comment. Part one is below:

I've run into the opposite problem. People thinking Im a leftist because Im in my 20s and then causing problems for me, which makes it harder for me to support myself, even if I tell them no, or get the proper authorities involved. basically, they are psychologically projecting the standard millennial caricature onto me.

In one case I was forced to pay all the bills at my apartment because my roommates lied and never got the heat turned on, in any of their names, per or arrangement. They stopped paying rent and the landlord and police refused to act after I got them involved. I was even stalked after I left.

I chock there behavior up to it being harder to survive now, break down of social structures, and a general lack of accountability in a lot of the population. Or general child like behavior in most of the adults. This is in a blue state so red states might be different. Im stuck in a blue state, despite applying to positions all over the country.

At this point Im in debt up to my eyeballs, can barely afford my bills, and stopped giving a fuck about pretty much everything, because I either have to live alone and deal with rent that is sometimes 1/2 or more of my months pay. That does not include food and my student loan expenses. Live with roommates which are mostly brainwashed with leftist drivel and do not want a conservative living with them. Or someone who reads Alt-Right material.

Im stuck in a blue state so this is probably different in the red states. In some cases the roommates have gotten violent because Ive merely ran game on a girl, and Ive almost been murdered before. My only other option is to live with my parents and suffer the shaming tactics of everyone I know. Which at this point I could care less about.

Not only that renting an apartment is a nightmare unto itself. It takes well over a month and a half to find a decent place to live, if one has to move. Which moving is usually the case, as landlords now like cycling tenants unless its one of those large apartment complexes. Which the large complexes are hard to get into if your stuck at work everyday and cant make time to view the place. Not only that you become sleep deprived from looking and your work can suffer.

I once spoke with an old coworker about the apartment issue. This conversation was spurned after Id showed up to an apartment showing, with cash in hand. The landlord refused to let me rent because he had to check my credit, and references. There are so many problem tenants now that even if you rent alone, you have to be careful because theres a good chance your neighbors are into some hairy stuff. The coworker informed me in the 80s, and 90s, he could just pay cash in hand at any apartment he wanted, without a credit check. Not only that it only cost him a weeks paycheck for rent.

On top of that its almost impossible for me to get a job full time or part time. This is despite the fact I have a lot of relevant real world experience in IT (sometimes out matching people with PhDs in the field and people that have a decade or more of experience) and several other specialized mechanic skill sets. As well as a resume that shows leadership in several prior positions. Most I left after I got sick of my coworkers general lack of excellence, and cleaning up their messes. Everyone just assumes I got fired though.

The IT skills I basically had to teach myself after my employer dropped the ball and never trained me. In a lot of cases using websites or services that are not recognized as "professional" enough by employers to be exchangeable for experience. I even have a degree in Anthropology that gets my foot in the door in a lot of careers. If you name it, theres a sub-field in Anthropology for it.

Anonymous said...

Part Two:

In the past 6 months I have applied to 500+ positions (part and full time) and have confirmed in several instances that I was passed over for people with felony charges. Through poking around with contacts. This is despite standard wisdom dictates a criminal record disbars someone from employment. In one case a coworker of mine was charged with terrorist activity and they still never fired the guy.

I then went to a state agency for a job searching session. I thought they were going to find me a job through their database like a recruiting agency that Ive been using.
Nope. Your never going to believe what happened. Instead of getting help with finding a job I was sat down in a room by a former police officer and basically given a lecture in diversity, and told to my face that they guy knew a minority or a women who was doing a job that I was fully qualified for, and that they brought them in and trained them up. The only reason they probably got it was because of diversity. After about 45 minutes of this I finally flashed some anger, the guy then realized maybe he should start helping me look for work. I mean its his fucking job after all.

The other problem your forgetting to mention is credentialism. In a lot of cases positions require certs. Several times Ive been passed over for positions because I did not have the required certification, but Id done the work that day earlier at my job. Or again, I had obtained the requisite training from a non-recognized professional source.

This last part is insane, because its basically the same as RTFMing which is a hallmark of IT and STEM fields. Or they had a quota to fill so they hired a minority. I have some horror stories from my IT work, that no man should have to tell.

I spoke with an old lawyer and salesman (who has patents in his name and no college degree and was a Entrepreneurial Photographer ) that I know about credentialism and he told me two problems with the work force today that are pertinent to this topic. This guy was making millon dollar sales in his prime. If he made more than five sales calls a week that was too much work. Mind you he had no college education, special training, or had to attend any seminars. They practically hired him off the street. Hes a high IQer like us, and despite having two traumatic brain injuries, has managed to teach himself linux with my help. Something that people go to fucking 4 year colleges for, in a span of 2 months.

Anyway his first point was that is that today every job requires increasingly high standards to get into. Unless its entry level the job requires some ridiculous amount of experience, or some ridiculous amount of credentialism. This never used to be case.

Baby Boomers could get a job with just a high school diploma and sail there way to the top. The sales guy told me in his day if you wanted to get a job you only had to read a few books on the field and apply. However, now the bar is set so fucking higher, that if you dont meet the impossible standards of employers its assumed you are defunct. Despite the fact many of the boomers had no work experience, credentials, or social networks to get jobs. Now they expect things from the millenials, that if existed years ago around hardly any of the boomers would have had jobs.

This sales guy even started a business getting kids out of cults and he and the men he worked with were deputized by a judge on a whim because the police were not doing there jobs. How often do you hear that happening today? This got me thinking about whats actually possible, and how much of the reason it does not get done is because of all the practices about business, social life, and the real world that the boomers actually think exist. Which they dont, its just a way for them to not admit fault to what they have done to the current job market and economy.

Anonymous said...

Part Three:

Theres a lot of millenials out of work who could be dealing with our undocumented immigrant problem as well as several other crime problems. This guy suddenly realized, as did I, how lazy millennials were after he told me this. This guy is almost 70 mind you. Again he taught himself linux in about two months with my help. Hes also started to learn some basic code.

His second point is that your credit score was not weighted as much back in the day and you would routinely be hired even if you had bad credit. He was a sales manager and hired a lot of guys with bad credit, who cleaned it up in six months. The thinking was that your credit was bad because you were out of work. Being out of work obviously had you focusing on the necessities, so of course you had fallen behind on bills. Not only that student loans were cheaper and the purchasing power of the dollar was much higher. Today bad credit disbars you from almost all serious positions.

Another point he made is that now there are a lot of positions that retain people way past their end date. In his day people would be fired on a whim for not performing, or fucking up. Today, because of diversity, and sensitivity people make it far past their end because everyone is scared of hurting someones feelings. This then bleeds over into other areas outside of work, and leads to the problems we are seeing today.

Basically the overall arching point Im trying to make is after all this I feel like Kyle probably does. His character is the state of affairs for the conservative young male these days. There are also hardly any decent women to start a family with, either. Their families will actively allow them to be this way, and will help them with everything, but yet they will shame you for having to do everything yourself.

Not being thrown a bone, and watching as the degenerates around us get help whenever they fuck up, is the way of the world now for the conservative males. People that should be thrown to the wolves no longer are now. I wonder how many other conservative males my age are going through this. Ive lost almost all hope in humanity at this point, and see that if leftism is left to run unchecked even more, things are going to get a hell of a lot worse.

Jeff said...

Amen to all of that Cap'n. Nicely done.

David Jravis said...

I think that you should make your feelings known to the producers of that show. Maybe even send them a copy of this post. It might give them a few ideas, maybe some twists.

Maybe you'll even get a little money out of it.

Anonymous said...

To the 3 part anonymous poster:

Regarding the roommates who stiffed you on the rent, you are going to have to lawyer up and sue them. If they have paid in the past and simply walked away, they have shown from past payments there was an agreement in place despite they not being on the rental lease. This happened to more than a few acquaintances of mine (law students no less). It might not be worth your time pending the amount, but talk to an attorney and ask straight up if it would be worth the time.

Second, you need to leave your current environment and ditch the crowd around you. Sounds toxic and it won’T get better in those Marxist shit holes. Get in shape and seriously look into enlisting in the military (and volunteer for an overseas assignment). They used to have a program that would pay off your student debt (instead of a GI Bill), allow you to save some money and spend time with a more positive group of men. Also you will learn a hell of lot if you are willing. I went this route and have no regrets (even with time in the sandbox). If the military isn’t feasible, read Aaron’s “Reconnaissance Man” and make plans to find a new AO. Whatever you do, as it sounds you are childless and have no obligations, get the fuck out as it won’t get easier where you currently are. Good luck.

Unknown said...

Check out The Middle on ABC. Hilarious and excellent family values.

Bill said...


Unknown said...

This show and Perry Mason are the only reason I keep paying Comcasr exsorbinant fees. I can record them! Yeh
Allen is our generations Super Man . When he stops, so do I . Yes Tim I am a real wolverine .

Unknown said...

The only reason to keep paying Comcast- period. When Tim stops, I stop. Yep Tim I am a true Wolverine .
So many heart throbbing comments. Let us take our country back!

LBD said...


Many senior citizens have extra rooms in their houses. If you can cultivate acquaintance with older people, you may be able to get one of them to rent you a room. If my husband were not living, I would feel safer with a young man about the house, even if his work/social schedule didn' t bring us in to much contact. We oldies usually live in the better neighborhoods and have the nicer old houses which were affordable back in our day.

Glen Filthie said...

Actually Captain... no, we're not.

Tim Allen is well beyond typical parenting/child bearing years. I wish you and the other bloggers had been around sooner. As it is I damn near got sucked into enabling a train wreck daughter.

7 years ago she came home and told me she was dropping sciences at university to enroll in an arts program at a no-name college. I told her that if she did that, she would have to finance it herself and answer for the student loans. My asshole in-laws got involved and bankrolled her because everyone knows that if young people follow their dreams, the money will follow after. I should have shot them or at least billy clubbed them with a lead pipe.

When she graduated she sent me an email explaining that she was gay, that I was a child abuser, and that our family would adopt the gay/SJW agenda or she and her ugly love partner wouldn't be a part of it. I told her to hit the bricks. My in laws got involved in it then and tried to shove her life decisions down my throat and make me hold the bag for her loans and failures. I told them to FOAD, and told my wife she could come with me or go with them but she couldn't do both.

Three generations of rock steady family evaporated as if it were never there. Haven't seen the kid in 7 years, or the in-laws in two. There's a cost in fighting shit like this and most of our fight happened before anyone knew what an SJW was or how they operate.

I didn't do this because I wanted to, I did it because I HAD to. I can't afford to bankroll a 'gay artiste' or a gay hipster that won't grow up. I own my own home, I have no debt and made big sacrifices to get there - I expect my kid to, too. Every leftist meat hole in the family thinks I'm a dick for it.

If you are a young father I have some advice: HOMESCHOOL. Public schools are moron factories. SPANK your kid when he/she needs it. And I would absolutely FORBID a secondary 'education' in the arts and humanities.

Doing any of that is going to be good for the kid but hell on you. This is what fatherhood is, nowadays Aaron. Anyone that tries to instill a work ethic, responsibility and discipline in their daughter will be undermined by any number of zombies in the schools, the universities and the workplace.

Today I'm an old fart. I tried to raise my daughter right, I stood up to the people I felt I needed to stand up to... and my daughter still turned out the way she did. A story like mine wouldn't make a good sitcom, Aaron. Unfortunately fatherhood is not something the Manosphere is in a position to discuss. It's all about boys chasing girls. If you are to expand as a writer, I would suggest you take a good hard look at what fatherhood entails in today's society. There are problems and issues for fathers that nobody is talking about.

Anonymous said...

Kyle is also an unabased, unapologetic Christian.

cappy fan said...

In happy news, "Pitch" got cancelled. It was a story how a woman made it to major league baseball...even though in real life, pitching is a precarious and notoriously difficult position to make in MLB!

Jim Scrummy said...


Great post, reminds me how I was raised to take accountability and responsibility for EVERYTHING I did. Currently, raising a daughter (and son), and some of the BS they have to deal with in regards to social media, sucks. Some kids look down upon my kids for not having the latest and greatest in "technology" (e.g. smart phones) and social media accounts. My kids and their peers aren't even teenagers yet... It boggles my mind that these pre-teens, allowed by their parents, are already engulfed in this BS? Many of these kids have a huge sense of entitlement, and I just shake my head and dig my heels in and continue with my old school ways.

To Anon 3 Part... Buck up and hire Asshole Consulting to give you a hand in figuring out where you want to go. Maybe Cappy can help? But have specifics for him, so he can help you.

Anonymous said...

Glen, well done! Before I even married my wife I told her bitch of a mother to stop the BS about keeping up with the Jones or we'd never spend time with her and the dad. She licked her wounds and complied. Not a pleasant thing to do, but necessary. Everything has turned out for the good of all. I take shit from nobody and never will. I have a lot of loyal buddies because of this mentality. They know that I've got their back if necessary. They also know that I'll kick them to the curb if they become assholes.

Faithless Cynic said...

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Faithless Cynic said...

3 part anonymous poster - How about vandwelling? You can buy an older Dodge Caravan, remove all but the drivers seat, and turn it into transportation and dwelling. The Dodge / Chrysler minivan platform is tough, reliable, and parts are easy to find. Seems radical? Think about what your life would be like if you had basically free housing. You can also go where the jobs are, instead of being stuck in a dying area competing for shit jobs with the rest of the herd of applicants. An oversupply of applicants drives down prices, as you know.

A good book is " How to live in a car, van, or RV " by Robert Wells

Good Luck

Faithless Cynic

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