Monday, May 22, 2017

Outsource Your Homework

Alex is in busy season and is not just looking to hire, but also looking for clients.  The end of the school year is upon us! Be smart like corporation and OUTSOURCE all your unnecessary liberal art/humanities pre-reqs to the pros!

"Thank you to all who reached out to us over the last few months. You have done a great deal to help us get through the busier juncture of the academic year. 

We were able to achieve quite a bit of growth, yet now, most of our clients are on summer break. This is yet another opportunity for our marketers to step up and help us cultivate new working relationships.

The gig we are offering is very simple. You set up a new Gmail address and make sure it automatically forwards all incoming messages to us. Then, use that gmail address to create a CL account. Lastly, we'll send you ads to post and you may begin posting.

Here are the step by step instructions

  1. Set up a new gmail account with your initials in it
  2. Edit the forwarding features to ensure that all incoming emails are re-directed to
  3. Use that new gmail account to set up a craigslist account

In all likelihood, you will generate plenty of leads and we will pay you five bucks for each one. Yet, even if you don't, you'll still make a dollar a day just for posting.

By mid-summer, most of our marketers generate 5-10 leads in less than 10 minutes of work a week. 

Aleksey Bashtavenko
Academic Composition
Owner & Principal Writer
(540) 300-1253

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Anonymous said...

My nephew already started his homework outsourcing business during his senior year in HS. He was doing "extra" homework for a few of his friends who had a serious cases of senioristis. He was charging them between $40-50 dollars a project or paper (depending on length). His friends were paying it! A few times he's made $200 in a week! BRILLIANT! He's starting college this summer in a STEM degree program and is already trying to figure out what business to start in college. His goal as he stated to me about a month ago was to complete his engineering degree and then start his own business. Smart kid.