Friday, May 26, 2017

Why are Women Suckers for Fads and Bubbles?

You can almost see the MSM admit that there might be an education bubble.  But the problem is that runs contrary to their narrative that education is always good and always mandatory and "rah rah yea for women."

Oh foolish women.  Always buying that shinny new (and expensive) object in front of you.

Please, ladies, I'm being serious here now.  If you want to close the wage gape you need to start majoring in the right subjects. That is going to do more to ACTUALLY close the wage gap than whining about it or blaming "the patriarchy."  And that, is frankly, more help and honesty than you've ever received from feminism, your professors, diversity experts, or politicians.


mobius said...

Couldn't have anything to do with choice of majors.

Cynic In Chief said...

There is so much fail in this article. The fact that black women have an average in $30,000 in debt (Sorry black dudes, you have to contend with that as well if you want to date within your race), the extra time that it takes women to pay off their debts (which isn't that hard if you borrowed as little as possible, work smart, and practice minimalism), and how many women can't afford payments and living expenses (learn minimalism and controlling your spending, ladies).On the one hand, it's great to see idiots getting their just desserts. On the other hand, these are the dating market that most men have to choose from. It's an opportunity for smart women to take advantage of, it's easier to compete with Tits McLegs for a ring when she's saddled with $100,000 in debt. When considering long-term prospects, it's important for us to look at the debts we'd be linking ourselves to.

Observasaurus Rex said...

No comments allowed on that article of course. We can't allow any icky hate facts to impede the narrative.

David Jravis said...

And of course, what article about women's woes just isn't complete without a mention of that evil "gender wage gap"? That was one of the FIRST things mentioned.

tpkeefe said...

Well, now we see business opportunities for the entrepreneurs out there. No harm there, eh? :)

Take The Red Pill said...

"Why are women suckers for fads and bubbles?"

EASY ANSWER -- in a nutshell, the vast majority of them possess an incredible lack of critical thinking, easily fall into "group think", and mindlessly "follow the herd".
This also explains a great deal why women usually are suckers for Leftist beliefs and philosophies of all stripes.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

The purpose of debt is to enslave people to work.
People who are debt free personally will be enslaved by the public debt.
The whole system is being designed so that when the crunch comes, people with assets will be required to pay down the debt and the people with debt leftover belong to the lenders, financially speaking.
Why else would every country in the world make college / University debt exempt from bankruptcy: it's their biggest guarantee that people don't run up $250k studying women's studies and the declare bankruptcy: they'd rather have the debt hang over people's heads.

Unknown said...

Interesting. In the end the article closes with the suggestion that the government double down on student debt expenditures.

Any young pup that is considering marrying an educated woman had better inquire about her debt status. Her debt becomes your debt. It can be disaster.