Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How Evil is Profitable

430 times more profitable than truth and reality anyway:

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'Reality' Doug said...

I like what you've been preaching lately. Using the vocab of the sheeple may be self-defeating in the exposition, meaning 'good' vs. 'evil'. Is evil against evil evil? Is good for evil good? The ideology is total $h!7, and a lousy intellectual foundation. I finished writing the post "Systemize, My Brothers" on 28 August 2013--almost four years ago. Hard for me to entirely believe. The implementation part is hard. I hope you do it, Aaron. We can do good for ourselves; that is the good guys winning. They the cultural fakes made our lives win-lose, not us. Dead good and otherwise unexpressed good are less real than that famous sound nobody hears. If we are superior, and we are, let's prove it and one day have our ilk come out of the woodwork to 'do good' for civilization, heh. Imagine what civilized men can do as animals. Imagine if the Nazis and the Americans had worked together. I wonder if ever the Western man will figure this thing out, that conquest is not evil: it's inevitable, persistent, omnipresent. It's only a matter of which ilk and which social byproduct called 'freedom' that ilk defines. Let them win, if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Resorting to the most powerful weapon in the subjection of the female heart, a weapon which never fails. It’s the well known resource, flattery. Nothing in the world is harder than speaking the truth, and nothing easier than flattery. If there’s the hundredth part of a false note in speaking the truth, it leads to a discord, and that leads to trouble. But if everything, to the last note, is false in flattery, it is just as agreeable, and is heard not without satisfaction. It may be a coarse satisfaction, but still a satisfaction. And however coarse the flattery, at least half will be sure to seem true. That’s so for all stages of development and classes of society.

Unknown said...

Fat women are probably just the beginning. Wait until they bring out their transgender, homosexual, one legged, humpbacked weirdos and celebrate their innate beauty! Oh Dove, I must buy your soaps and shampoos right away so that I too can be some kind of beautiful!

JK Brown said...

Bootleg during the week, be a Baptist on the weekends.

Angie said...

All things being equal, fat people use more soap if they use it at all.

Unknown said...

The Only Evil in Media is The Angry White Male. Where's the profit in this? Television was invented by Farlow Farnsworth. He deserved to be angry. He was robbed legally by Sarnoff and RCA by being sued into silence for calling out the theft of his basic patent.
Capitalism is basically a misnomer. Its Greed. Its always bad. Its shortsighted. Take a look at the Retail Apocalypse and show me where the profit lies here. The profit lies on the Stock Market, in your 401(k) forms, and the Goobermint "Surplus" that cannot seem to find any money to ACTUALLY GOVERN ANYTHING.
Business is about Profits, cause it has to be. This is all a SCAM. It doesn't have to be profitable to you, the Corporation or even Society in General. They're making a killing. They're killing YOUR FUTURE. CAPITALISM is just GREED. And No, I'm no Socialist. Socialism is about Power, through theft and demagoguery. Its not a Binary World, at least outside of Computers.
Face it. Capitalism isn't profitable. Companies are dying. Factories are being made into slums. Its not creative-destruction, ITS A SCAM. Fighting the Left is Missing the POINT. The POINT is the Left are just Societies' Losers. They have plenty of Time to Protest, or Loot as the case may be.
There's no profits here. Look at the empty malls. The detritus filling up their pie holes and fat asses with corn syrup fake fast feeder garbage. Star Trek is the McFuture. Sugary Oversweet Saccharine Cancer killing YOUR SOUL and SOCIETY. There's no profit in this. Its downward spirals as far as the eye can see.
Have you seen the Local mall lately? Check it out. Mine is half empty. It has two discounters, a Dollar Store, a Dentist, and a dozen every single day til bankruptcy sale. All you guys are fighting the wrong enemy. That detritus isn't an enemy. Its a useful idiot. Who's financing these losers? Capitalists. Like George Soros, Elon Musk, Zuzkerberg the Social Media Pig, et al.
Capitalism is based on a Lie, written by Madison Avenue, Packaged by China, and fed by fat pigs at the top feeding the fat pigs at the bottom. The Middle is getting squeezed to Death.

The Big MIC said...

I don't see the Dove ad as inherently evil. It's marketing.

Who generally would buy dove soap? Women. American women, most overweight, many obese.

And if they feel good enough to clean those yards of flesh with soap, may as well be Dove. It's just sad that virtue signalling is now a marketing tool. But what else would they say? "Fat and Smelly is no way to go through life. At least you can fix one of those things with Dove soap"

I'm guessing that wouldn't resonate.

What Oshay did was the equivalent of hollering out "Look at that fat cow. Geez lady, go on a diet" in public. Whether it's on the web or in person, making a personal insult - red pill or not, doesn't get you many fans. Shame that he gets castigated for pointing out the obvious though.

Faithless Cynic said...

There is awesome profit in telling a fuck up that the normal consequences of their bad behavior is someone elses fault. Acting like R. Lee Ermey will cause everyone to fucking HATE you.