Thursday, May 04, 2017

Why Technology, Not Environmentalists, Will Stop Global Warming

I am going to make a prediction.  And when I make predictions, people should pay attention because my track record is pretty good.  Plus the prediction is hopeful and optimistic, so this rarity should definitely be paid attention to.

Telecommuting will become standard within yours and my lifetimes.

I didn't think it would happen, but the good news is the single largest hurdle to telecommuting is going away - Baby Boomer bosses.  They're getting old, they're retiring out of the work force, some are dying, and even some are starting to get it through their incredibly thick skulls that this 20 year old technology can be implemented without the world collapsing.  The day is coming where every white collar worker will have a commute like me...which is merely walking upstairs to my home office in my boxer shorts, grabbing coffee and turning on the computer.

This is of course great news because of many reasons.

One, I believe it will result in stronger, more stable families as more adults spend more time at home and less stuck in traffic.

Two, I believe it will result in better children who spend more time with their parents as opposed to a daycare operator or parent-substitute.

Three, I believe there will be less divorce in the country since time and financial constraints are the #1 cause of divorce.

Four, transportation budgets will be drastically cut because our roads do not need as much repair and maintenance.

Five, family finances will improve as we spend less on gas, auto repairs, insurance, and the cars themselves.

Six, housing will become cheaper as people no longer have to live near hubs of economic activity (read-cities), but can move out to more rural areas drastically improving their budgets.

Seven, taxes will be lowered as people are allowed to escape leftist crapholes like California and New York and move to tax free states such as Florida or Texas.

Eight, costs of goods will go down because corporations will not longer have to shell out office expense, be it renting expensive downtown buildings or building cubicle farms.

Nine, there will no longer be a commute/rush hour and the commensurate traffic jams that come with it

and finally

Ten, with nobody commuting western countries will drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, certainly more than any arbitrarily applied "reduction schedule" governments had signed onto. This will finally achieve the reduction in greenhouse gases environmentalists have wanted and (at least western countries) will have done their part to stop global warming.

This will be cause for celebration.  And I would contend not for the fact we will have ended global warming, but because of all the economic and standard-of-living improvements that come with being able to telecommute.  But what is going to be very telling are the lessons, realities, and facts that will be observed AFTER we reach this stage in telecommuting/green house gas reduction.

First, as is always the case, society's problems will not be solved by protestors, activists, slacktivists, sociologists, SJW's, politicians or other worthless, talentless people.  It will be solved by innovators, creators, scientists, and engineers.  I don't care how precious a religion "global warming" and "the environment" is to the zealots who put the false religion of environmentalism at the core of their being.  The truth is all green technology is created and produced by engineers.  STEM majors.  Not the professional parasites and whiners too lazy to do calculus and actually DO something about it.

Second, we cannot help but point out global warming will also be solved by entrepreneurs and visionaries who saw the potential for different technologies and innovations to make life easier and solve problems.  These entrepreneurs were of course driven by profit, which means whether you like it or not, it is also capitalism that solved global warming.  To quote Newt Gingrich (regardless of whether you like him or not) "E-mail saved more trees than any tree hugger."

Third, while the western world will move towards a commute-free world, making actual tangible change towards reducing global emissions, this doesn't change the fact that environmentalists, protestors, and activists are still going to want their iPhones, laptops, cheap clothing, and...well...every material good they've always wanted which are produced predominantly...

outside the western world.

i.e.-China, India, and the score of other Asian/second world countries where most actual physical production is done.

This means the fight to stop global warming will have to be taken overseas to get those countries to lower their emissions.

Which brings about my final and key point.

Fourth, will the global warming crusaders and environmentalist religion zealots actually go overseas to help stop global warming?  This is so easy to predict, I feel I don't have to write it, but I will for thoroughness' sake.

Everybody, including the environmentalists themselves, know damn well they're not going to.  And the reason why is evidenced by every action environmentalist, protestors, and people who supposedly care about the environment take - none.  They take no tangible, effective real action at all.  And they do so because at their core they're lazy.  If environmentalists actually cared about the environment, they would major in STEM, engineering, science, and pursue careers that would actually bring about the end of global warming.  But at their core are just like all other religious people - fakers and frauds.  They don't actually care about the environment, they just want to use environmentalism to provide their worthless, lazy selves with some kind of fabricated purpose, agency, or validation.  So once it becomes inconvenient to bitch and whine about a problem, or the problem itself is solved, they won't stop and repurpose themselves into another capacity that actually serves society.  They will simply find another cause or crusade to bitch about.  They will simply find another religion.

This will become painfully clear when telecommuting becomes widespread across the western world.  Spoiled kids from the suburbs, replete with the worthless liberal arts degrees will be unable to complain in their home countries about global warming.  But since to continue the fight against global warming would require going overseas (you know, actual effort), most will drop out of the fight because of cost (both in terms of time and money).

The real issue (and even my prediction skills aren't this good) is what new "problem" or "crisis" will the environmentalist/professional crusaderist/lazy good-for-nothings come up with next to provide their meaningless lives with fake meaning?  I'm always amazed at the left's ability to pull crises out of thin air, but even more flabbergasted when the sheeple public swallow it whole.

First it was global cooling.
Then it was the ozone layer.
Then it was the kid's starving in Africa.
Then it was the rainforests.
Then it was global warming.
Then it was "climate change."
Then it was "privilege."
And (one I still can't believe the sheep swallow whole) the 31 flavors of gender.

It's almost worth staying alive just to see what genuine craziness they pull out of their communal ass next.

Regardless, mark my words, these people will not simply "go away," hang up their environmentalist robes, and return to society as accountants, cooks, mechanics or other productive members of society.  Their entire life's purpose is to avoid real work, while hiding behind the fabricated nobility and morality of some leftist cause.  And this hypocrisy will be exposed for a brief moment when the west adapts telecommuting.
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Emac said...

I am one of the original telecommuters, so you can thank me. In the mid-90s, I convinced my boss to allow me to telecommute on an as-needed basis from my home with a dial-up modem, only on days I could not make it into the office when it was shut down due to the weather or when they needed my support after-hours (I was an IT professional consultant). I never abused it. This was for a Fortune 5 company (I won't say who it was). Consequently, when I was actually going to leave them in 1997 they contracted with me to do the first remote telecommute they said they had ever done with a programmer/analyst from another state that I moved to, in anticipation of needing my services to scan/fix their systems with regards to the Year 2000 'bug' that so many around the world thought would crater commerce.

Naturally, I accepted, at a very nice and high pay rate.

I worked that way from over 2,000 miles away from the main office for 6 years, banking enough money to retire at the age of 46 in 2003. I had to fly back every so often but that was a minor annoyance and they paid all expenses.

Subsequent to my leaving, I found out that their experience with me made them a lot more confident in letting other top performers do work from home.

I can tell you that since I was a consultant and not an employee with hopes of advancing within the company that seldom having to attend a meeting in person and kissing up to the manager, I never was at a disadvantage because I GOT THE WORK DONE ON TIME and didn't waste it in productiveless meetings. I did conference in on phone meetings and those were useful, but they knew me already and didn't need me there.

Btw, Aaron, you know 'global warming' is complete bullshit, stop pandering to the weak-minded.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about why telecommuting has'nt caught on makes me wonder about a conspiracy...
Just think of all the road tolls,city construction jobs,city council control,etc that would disappear if people weren't forced into their corporate glass anthills every day....

Omega Man said...

A very well articulated argument against the worthless left, but I do have a question and that is

"What Global Warming?"

Come to Canada and experience the lack of climate warmth for yourself.

Observasaurus Rex said...

"They will lower taxes" Bwahaha thanks for the laugh. As if any government anywhere ever REALLY lowers taxes. No, instead this money will be steered towards more vote-buying gibsmedats, or possibly to importing more gimmiegrants. And the environmentalists and global warming alarmists will also never stop, because doing so will mean they are out of a job. We could get back to carbon levels equivalent to prehistory, and they will STILL bitch about all the exhaled breath we dirty humans produce. The proof of this is that we could be carbon neutral in 20 years by shifting over to nuclear power. But not a single global warming pusher ever even acknowledges that as a solution.

JK Brown said...

I see things like this effort to save the coal industry. A guy who runs a shop to do inventing/research is looking into changing coal to graphite. He reports having changed the conductivity of coal/coal spoils.

If it turns out to be something, that will throw the environmentalists for a loop. Suddenly the coal industry will rev up. Graphite is a major constituent in lithium batteries and currently has limited sources, thus higher prices.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that millennials order their stuff from Amazon so Retail will also go away, kind of like how Blockbuster and Hollywood Video started to disappear when Netflix showed up at their doorsteps. Less traffic again!

Finding a date at the bar or nightclub? Nah. Just do online dating. Less traffic again!

I think some places will still require workers - farms, restaurants, power plants, specialty hobby stores, mines, military bases, etc. but at a less scale of workers.