Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Episode #200 of The Clarey Podcast

No fucks given about the terrorist attack.
We are the top 10%.
IBM renegs on telecommuting deal.
Valedictorians don't excel in life.
"I want to change lives."


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Some Guy said...

I've worked at a public university as a staff person managed under the vaulted 'Phd' education.

Some of them are actually pretty good for their topic area of interests and genuinely like teaching students. Sadly, there is a subset with psychopathic and less talent that end up in administration and make some of the dumbest a-- decisions about things. Sadly, many of them have engineering degrees. I can't a STEM education results in better decision making capacity.

I remember TIME Magazine from the 80's. Sad how we were using it for our debate prep and other such rags, but that was what we were stuck with because we did not know any better.

If a young person wants to change something, shutdown the sorry 'publik skool' systems and bypass it and academia with something better.