Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Case for Evil

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

"The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" is an amazing movie and is an absolute must for every person to see.  There is the Hollywood-good "Blondie" played by Clint Eastwood.  The Saturday-morning-cartoon-villain bad "Angel Eyes" played by Lee Van Cleef. And the relateable ugly "Tuco" played by Eli Wallach.  The story that unfolds as the three try to abscond with $200,000 in Civil War gold is unrivaled and I shan't ruin a single bit of the movie for you here.  But the title is as catchy as the movie is good because it prompts people to conveniently categorize all of society into these three categories.

The good.
The bad.
The ugly.

The truth is, however, this is wrong.  Society does not break down neatly between the good, the bad, and the ugly, and this can be seen in the character of Tuco (the ugly).

Tuco may be dirty, low-life, skeeze. He may indeed be ugly.  But he has a trait that outshines his ugliness, puts him on par with the good and the bad, and makes it possible for the movie to happen.

He's smart.

And in the real world society does NOT neatly break down between

The good.
The bad
The smart.

It DOES, however, most certainly break down between

The good.
The bad.
The stupid.

And it is here a moral case for evil exists.

The Stupid

Understand nearly all western nations and societies can be broken down between the good, the bad, and the stupid.  Where a small 10% of the population is good.  Another small 10% of the population is bad.  And though both of these minorities are smart, the remaining 80% of society is stupid.

This makes the battle between good and bad a lopsided one (I'd even say deterministic) in favor of the bad.  The bad can easily prey upon the stupid.  The bad can easily convince the stupid they're good.  The bad can even get the stupid to attack the good.  And with a few mere lies, the bad can more or less have the stupid at their complete disposal.

The good on the other hand have to fight with one hand tied behind their back.  The good don't lie.  The good don't cheat.  The good have moral qualms taking advantage of the stupid.  Alas the good are not only constantly on the defensive, but outnumbered at times 9 to 1.  Worse, the good can never get around to actually doing good, progressing as a society or excelling at life, as the majority of their efforts have to go fighting the bad and vainly trying to convince the stupid they're not the enemy.  And so society wallows in painfully slow and incremental progress, often times regressing because the stupid are so easily duped by the bad.

Take for example democracies.  After 3,000 years of war, philosophy, revolution, and blood, western civilization finally evolved to the point we minimized the government and wrestled it under the control of the people.  Now, the stupid, over the past 100 years have been convinced by the bad (politicians) that a larger government is a good government, and in these past 100 years have largely undone what our western civilization ancestors so tenaciously fought for the past three millennia. 

Closely related, the democrats exclusive private property ownership of blacks.  Is there a better example of an evil group of people ruining the lives of another group of people with lies and false promises?  The democrats have convinced nearly 90% of blacks that their entire fate, their entire lives are controlled and oppressed by "whitey" and "republicans," and that the ONLY way they can get out of their oppression is by (surprise, surprise) electing more democrats into power.  The true evil of "the bad" in this scenario is where blacks continue to remain in last place, suffering mightily under democrat cities and policies, but are still so brainwashed they don't realize it is the bad/the democrats who are their true oppressors.

Paralleling very closely to the plight of blacks are another prey of the bad in this country - women.  Certainly the democrat party view women as a victim class to advance and enrich themselves, but feminism and feminists are the true villains in this movie.  Wanting to avoid real work at any cost, feminism and feminists have created and entire victim-whoring industry out of whole cloth.  And they did so by telling women the most damaging of lies.

Women are men.
Gender is a social construct.
You don't need a man.
Being a mom/stay at home wife is oppression.
You are oppressed.
The glass ceiling.
The wage gap.

Surprise, surprise again it is only feminism and feminists that can solve and remedy these injustices.  And the way we do this apparently is by creating entire departments of women's studies, channeling women into "social justice" or "liberal arts" fields (where they coincidentally pay $100,000 for worthless degrees), financing make work government programs to employ these otherwise unemployable people, replacing men with government checks, and convincing women that working, paying taxes, and a career is more important than having a husband or children.

But at what price?

There are now three full generations of women (baby boomers, Gen X and now millennials) who put a paycheck, a career, their politics, feminism, and their education ahead of their biological and heart-felt desires to have and raise a family.  They'll never admit it, but they're miserable and have wasted their entire lives.  But at least the bad feminists made off $100,000 in tuition, Oprah is a billionaire, Jimmy Choo made a lot of money on shoes, corporate America got some cheap labor, the government got a lot of tax revenue, and the democrats/labour/socialist party got a lot of votes.  What's only worse than the ruination of millions of women's lives is how they still claim to be independent minded when they were so obviously hoodwinked and screwed over by feminism.

How about the mentally ill?  Well, not really the mentally ill, but the legions of lazy young people who all want to claim they too are victims and in need of government assistance, legs up in society, handicaps, and hand outs and therefore falsely claim to have a mental illness?

Social anxiety disorder.

These things certainly may exist, but one thing is for certain - there certainly are millions of millennials, Gen Xer's, even baby boomer faking it all so they can collect government handouts, disability, legs up in society, and (last but not least) an excuse for their laziness and utter patheticness. 

Sadly, the bad is all too eager to help accommodate them in their own self delusion.

Not only do the usual socialist suspects rear their ugly heads to champion free mental health care, government programs, and blank government checks (all in exchange for a vote, of course), but the psychology "profession" and pharmaceutical industry are all too eager to capitalize on these faked mental illnesses.

Is your 9 year old boy acting like...well...a 9 year old boy?

Are you feeling down and depressed like...well...EVERYBODY does now and then?

Are you anxious because you're a pampered spoiled brat from the suburbs?

Are you just an evil, insufferable person conveniently looking to hide behind a made up mental disorder so you can continue to manipulate and abuse people?

And let's not forget the legions of psychology majors who are otherwise unemployable and rush to the scene to provide unneeded psychological services to children, long as they get to suckle on that government teat.

Never mind millions of people's lives will be ruined thinking/faking they have a mental illness.  The government, the psychology industry, and the pharmaceutical industry made billions off of these sheep.

And if the pharmaceutical and psychology industries didn't consume enough in billions of GDP, let's talk about a $1 trillion plus, per year industry where the bad just completely rape the stupid, while also COMPLETELY brainwashing them against the good.


Does a better example of evil exist, where people profit and parasite off of a naive and innocent people, than modern day liberal arts and humanities colleges?  The bad are so good at enslaving the stupid in this case I almost feel compelled to applaud them.  They not only convince the stupid that the good are their enemy, but they also:

1.  Convince the stupid they're entitled to free everything
2.  Convince the stupid that nothing is ever their fault.
3.  Convince the stupid they're smart.
4.  Convince the stupid to enslave themselves to the state

and (where I tip my hat to the bad)

5.  Convince the stupid to borrow $150,000, financially crippling themselves forever, to pay for these worthless degrees.

I know the stupid are the stupid, but for them to fall for such idiotic poppycock is unbelievable.

It's Good to Be Bad

The problem with this complete and total level of stupidity is that it lessens, if not outright ruins the lives of the good.  We not only have to fight the bad, but must also tolerate, often fight the stupid.  I argue this is the true societal cost of the stupid in that the good are not allow to come anywhere near to achieving their full potential.  If it weren't for stupid people we wouldn't be paying 40% in taxes, traffic would be non-existent, we would have landed on the moon in 1200 AD, and cancer would be cured.  Instead we need to bail out banks, single moms, liberal arts students, and dedicate nearly half our economy to shield the stupid from their own mistakes.

But if putting up with this total and complete price of stupidity wasn't insulting enough, what, I ask you, do we get in return for being good?  In the movies the good wins in the end.  In the movies the good vanquishes the bad and makes off with the girl  But what happens in the real world?

The truth is you're punished.

Any attempt at doing good in today's world is met with fierce resistance, not only from the bad, but the stupid as well.  And the bad are so good at brainwashing the stupid, they even have scripted verbiage they've trained these sheep to not only use, but actually believe in.

You're "racist!"
You're "sexist!"
You have "privilege!"
You're "oppressing me!"
There's "institutionalized ism/ist."
The "patriarchy."
The "glass ceiling."
Literally Hitler.

And merely being called names is the best punishment the good can hope for.

If you dare to help out the stupid, tell them the truth, or try to get them to wake up, you run the risk of losing your job, getting doxed, or having your entire career and life ruined, simply because you want to "be good."  Donglegate, Brendan Eich, and the Orwellian nightmare that corporate America is becoming is not only proof the bad are winning, but shows just how pervasive and successful the bad have become.

The simple question is, is it worth it?

Morality and religious reasons aside, take a cold, secular look at humanity and ask yourself why not be bad?  Not that bad or evil itself has merit, but does the stupid in society deserve the good?  And not only does the stupid deserve the good, but with their idiocy, ungratefulness, and outright hatred for the good, does not the stupid deserve the bad in spades?

It is here you almost have to reluctantly admit that "the bad" was right all along.  Of course, I argue the bad is bad because they're lazy and have no moral compass, accidentally choosing the right path. But from a practical, functional view it not only pays to be bad, but it is precisely what the stupid deserve.  In this case, you almost have to applaud and respect the democrat party, feminists, academia, the psychology industry, and all the other "bad" institutions for the James-Bond-Villain-level global domination plan they've pulled off.  And since the stupid is not only all for being the victim to these plans, but hates any good person that tries to help them, even going so for as to ruin these good Samaritans' lives, I cannot help but conclude:

It's good to be bad.

If a wife is going to cheat on her husband, you do yourself no favors refusing to sleep with her.  You simply pass up free sex because she's going to cheat anyway.  Might as well be the guy to bang her, because it's not going to change the outcome.

If a minority is going to vote for a democrat because of the free gibmedats, he's going to vote for the democrat no matter what.  You simply pass up a cushy public office position running as a republican.  His poverty is guaranteed regardless, so you might as well lie to him, run as a democrat, and get your government check as well.

If a 20 year old girl is going major in social justice, you're only going to piss her off telling her her dreams are stupid and she should major in engineering.  Ergo, push her along and encourage her to ruin her life.  You'll not only get on her good side (be you a parent or a boyfriend), but again, she was condemned to major in social justice anyway.

And all my contesting and fighting against the approval of bad loans during the run up to the housing bubble did absolutely nothing to stop it.  I would quite literally be a million dollars richer had I just played ball, and NOTHING, NOT ONE THING would be different.

And before you start claiming that any of the above would be immoral and unethical, realize being moral or ethical would have no effect on ANY of the outcomes above.  The only difference is whether you profited off of it in the end, delivering the lies the stupid so richly deserve, and were condemned to believe.

It is here I make the argument that for those of us who are "the good," we need to really sit and contemplate the consequences for being so.  I know some of you have children and therefore have a vested interest in doing what you can to make the future brighter for them.  I know some of you have religious reasons that would prevent you from taking such a Machiavellian approach to humanity.  But as I've alluded to in my podcasts before, I am very lucky to make a living as a purveyor of truth.  It took two decades and a life of hell to scratch out this morsel of business, but I am incredibly thankful for it and we do a lot of GENUINE good.  But the day it goes away, the day the stupid and/or the bad make it illegal, ban channels, ban sites, etc. etc., is the day they leave me no choice.  And if Oprah, the democrat party, bankster scum, and academia are any indication, that day is going to be a very profitable one for me indeed because I will aggressively sell the poison and lies the sheep so desperately crave.  Just be aware, that day might be coming for you too.  And it'd be best if you knew there was a moral case for evil.
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Karl said...

Great post Cappy. You make a strong case.

A Texan said...

All good points Captain. I can't say that going the extra mile and doing the right thing and saving a crap organization thousands over time did me any good. Too many Obama cocksuckers in many places over people like us who deserve in an ideal world to have better leadership.

Anonymous said...

The Good Bad and Ugly thing was an excellent ... more or less, metaphor for how the world is. I have always considered the 80/20 stupid/smart ratio, but not the good/bad/smart/stupid arrangement you have presented. Well done.

I too hope you are never banished from the public ... it can and has happened ... often in history. I find myself not only in agreement with most of what you purvey, generally, but also sometimes find myself actually cheering some of what you say.

I avoided post secondary education and passed those huge savings on the my customer and clients for many years. That left me with the canny ability to think for myself ... draw my own conclusions. Make better choices.

Though I have the 'good' values (to some extent) , I am not a dupe. I will bend and break any rules or laws that I think are idiotic and there are many .... I also learned how to reduce taxation without having to pay an accountant, sorry about that. .... I do not believe anything politicians say, ditto for MSM. I chose self employment rather work for some asshole ... bosses usually are assholes as you may be aware. Then there are the co workers. ... what the fuck Is with them?

I fear we are heading for a dark age. Trump is temporary blink of light that makes us think that all is not lost, but it is. We ... the good are so hopelessly out numbered that we cannot possibly prevail. With current technology in the hands of the bad AND the stupid, the playing field has tilted so much that we can only hope to do as well as the 300 Greeks did at Thermopylae back in 480 BC. That was the other turning point in history. Had the Persians prevailed, the western world may never have come to be. Greek culture spread and became Roman culture, then into Europe and Britain and so on. Democracy, was a Greek invention. They pioneered the sciences and medicine, sports, government by the people, etc ...

Seems the Persians/Iranians have never really gone away .... they have been bolstered by 8 years of help from Obama and company (the very bad)

I am old, so I won't be here when there is little left that seems good, to me. I already feel like a stranger in a strange land. I used to feel a bit sorry for those young people who will be here when the shit has buried the fan, but being that they are mostly the stupid, I have retracted my empathy and now wish them the results they have so richly earned. ... it will be something like current Venezuela ....


A Texan said...

How Higher Education Became an Obscenely Profitable Racket That Enriches the Few at the Expense of the Many (Student Debt-Serfs)

Plus, the wages for even those with education really suck to. If you thought it was bad 15 years ago, it's worse now.

Anonymous said...

It might be a cyclical thing where reality eventually catches on to The Stupid - tired of being shat on by The Bad, they turn to The Good. (For a little while)

Look at Dr. Joran Peterson, he's now making a few bucks by being good.

Atavisionary said...

You certainly have a point about the stupid get what they deserve. I think the hope is that if they get shit on enough perhaps they will eventually wake up. The bad serve as a catalyst for sleepers, a catalyst they could probably not get any other way.

As far as joining the dark side, I don't believe that is a wise choice. If there is anything greater to existence than this one lifetime, you are potentially setting yourself up for a lot of problems because pretty much every religion etc claims that what comes around goes around and you would need to pay back that debt in some fashion.

That said, the "good" often get themselves in trouble by trying to do this for people who have no willingness to accept the help/truth. These sorts of actions aren't really of the good because to a substantial extent they ignore the target's free will (to remain ignorant and sleep in this case.) If you want to do good, you should only do it for those who are receptive to the understanding. Trying to do good by people who don't want it, even if it actually would help, is not of "the good." So "the good" would do well to merely remain silent and not engage with people who are willfully and belligerently stupid. It is there free will to be that way, and it is definitely of the good to respect that free will.

Richard said...

I agree with everything right up to the point of (paraphrased) 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em...' Maybe I'm over-influenced by the concept that one can isolate/insulate themselves from the evil and the stupid. My thoughts are that there is a point (evil) that people can not sign-on to (Islam - pedophilia - etc.) and that there has to be a fourth option beyond, submit (be stupid), join (be evil) or die...

Anonymous said...

Where are the "good entrepreneurs" who hire students right out of high school? So far, even the most obnoxious stereotypical millennials are usually more open to business than businesses demonstrate interest in them. Most high schools are completely cut off from anything to do with the local economy (or any economy), even dead-end retail jobs. The bureaucrats and educational creeps even privately wonder why they have room to exist.

YIH said...

The true evil of "the bad" in this scenario is where blacks continue to remain in last place, suffering mightily under democrat cities and policies, but are still so brainwashed they don't realize it is the bad/the democrats who are their true oppressors.
Nope. That doesn't explain ''liberal democrat'' San Fransisco or ''liberal democrat'' Seattle or even ''liberal democrat'' Minneapolis. What do all those places have in common?
Detroit is what it is because of it's demographics, Baltimore is what it is because of it's demographics, Philadelphia is what it is because of it's demographics, Haiti is what it is because of it's demographics, sub-Saharan Africa is what it is because of it's demographics. You can't blame sub-Saharan Africa or Haiti on ''liberal democrat'' politicians.
Facts are facts, Africans are Africans wherever on Earth they are. Detroit is like it is for the same reason Haiti and Zimbabwe are what they are. The 'bell curve' is real.
Your book can't help anyone who finds The Cat in the Hat difficult or impossible to read.

Bill said...

Flee! My friend. Into your great solitude. I see you deafened by the uproar of the great men, and pricked by the stings of the small ones.

Alex said...

What about being able to live with yourself and sleeping at night? Plato's Argument in the Republic?

Anonymous said...

The idea of the good, the bad, and the stupid reminds me of the book of Proverbs which talks about 4 different groups of people: 1. the wise (the good), 2. the fools (the bad), 3. the simple (the stupid), and 4. the mocker.

According to Proverbs wise are those who seek God, seek truth, and strive to live according to it. "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge but fools despise wisdom and instruction". The LORD in Hebrew being the proper name of God, the I AM. In other words to begin to be wise a person needs to acknowledge that a higher reality exists that is separate from themselves and that they need to respect that and live accordingly. AKA the reality principle.

The fools are those who actively ignore the reality principle, thinking they can bend reality to suit their whims and they suffer for it. The simple are just clueless as to what reality is so they end up believing whatever they are told and suffer for it. The mockers are extremely arrogant. They understand the truth well enough, but they scoff at God and the wise thinking that they know better.

This article reminds me of the question of whether a person who disbelieves God can really be moral. And I know that there are moral people that don't believe in God, but to me they don't make much sense. I think you are right. I think logically it doesn't make much sense to be part of the "good" if you don't believe in God.

Jim Scrummy said...

Great movie! May have to watch it this weekend.

I can't give into evil. I understand your argument and what may force you to give in to it, try not too. I enjoy your content that you put out on your website, youtube, and podcasts. It's is both informative and entertaining, which is hard to pull off. Keep fighting the good fight. I know it's hard to keep fighting, I have kids, who are being constantly bombarded everyday by crap from everywhere. At times it's overwhelming, but I have to push back against the pc/sjw bs, in regards to my children. It's what I do.

In regards to stupid people, your assessment is dead center perfect. Definitely, 80% of the people I know are stupid, less than 10% are smart, and more than 10% are pure effing evil. This is what I experience on a daily basis.

The Gray Man said...

You said that our ancestors were able to wrestle big government down to the will of the people over 3,000 years. Well, how'd they do that? How were the "good" able to defeat the "bad" despite the "stupid"? We need to observe how they did that and copy it, but then accelerate it.

bogbeagle said...

I'm puzzled. You appear to respect the concept of Democracy ... and yet, every "evil" which you bemoan, is made possible only by an adherence to Democracy.

Seems to me that there is no greater evil than to accede to Democratic principles ... because you automatically renounce both your autonomy and your Property Rights when you agree to abide by the Collective's Will.

Really, what is the value of the individual' conscience when you agree to "tag along with what the majority decides"?

TroperA said...

I think the only problem with your argument is that we're currently living in a cycle where the bad and the stupid just happen to be at an advantage. - Increased technology and resources favor the bad and the stupid, because in such an environment, degeneracy and selfishness result in reproductive success. Who needs to be loyal, fight for principles or find responsible mates when you can be as reckless as you want and your fellow taxpayers will be on the hook to pick up the tab? Unfortunately for the bad and the stupid, while their behavior might be good at funneling resources their way, it's not very good at GENERATING them. Thus you have Empires rotting and collapsing from the inside and being conquered by more reality oriented people from the outside. The Good go from sitting on their pacifistic asses and sticking to their principles, to fucking murdering everyone in a fit of righteous rage. Don't think it will happen? Well, no one thought in the nineties that we'd get a black president who would do to race relations what Hitler did to Jewish birth rates, but there you go. In volatile times like this, anything can happen. The key is to jump ship from the Bad to the Avenging Good before their children begin massively starving (because unlike the Bad and the Stupid, they actually care about their kids.)

Bill said...

70% of women vote for bigger government and more free shit. Solution? Revoke women's suffrage.

A Texan said...

I see your point Captain about mental illnesses, but I think there may be something to the structure of modern society that causes some of it. You frequently talk about socializing with people you like and friends and this is something we are really lacking. Though I can't say I can relate that well to most people.

"Returning to that June 2013 Gallup survey, “The State of the American Workplace: Employee Engagement,” only 30% of workers “were engaged, or involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their workplace.” In contrast to this “actively engaged group,” 50% were “not engaged,” simply going through the motions to get a paycheck, while 20% were classified as “actively disengaged,” hating going to work and putting energy into undermining their workplace. Those with higher education levels reported more discontent with their workplace."

Anonymous said...

Spot on. When the crazy gets way out of hand, I reach for the Old Reliables--The Wisdom Books of the Bible, Marcus Aurelius, Aristotle's Ethics, and so on. All of which I had to find on my own when the Kool-Aid no longer worked.

Capitalist Eric said...

Nicely done. It sums up what I've seen in the corporate Hell over the last 10-15 years, for sure. I've gotten to the point where, if I want my kids to eat, I play the game precisely as you described. What a choice. 😐

Paul Bonneau said...

Most of what you describe can be explained by broken worldviews. I guess I don't blame people who have been targets (that is, victims) of government propaganda all their lives, from having broken worldviews. It's not a simple thing to break through the BS.

Weisshaupt said...

Reminds me of the Sheep, Sheepdog and Wolf division. I know I heard about that from Bill Whittle first, but not sure if he is the originator of it.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to comment on this when I had time to think about it, but I really have no indepth rebuttal. The only reason to be good is that you are aligned with the truth and it is simply apart of who you are. At the very least you can wake up in the morning and look into they eyes of the guy in the mirror. But no mistake, we are the minority and probably always were.

"The truth is you're punished."

Yes. And no good deed goes unpunished.

"Any attempt at doing good in today's world is met with fierce resistance, not only from the bad, but the stupid as well. And the bad are so good at brainwashing the stupid, they even have scripted verbiage they've trained these sheep to not only use, but actually believe in."

Gaslighting reinforced with pavlovian conditioning. Starts in public schools and is contantly reinforced with abnormal socialization techniques. People incorporate specific issues as part of themselves and use if for virtue signalling, so if you criticize a topic (eg. feminism, homosexual marriage, immigration, etc..) they take it as personal affront and attack the person.

I am willing to listen to anothers view point, no matter how opposed I am, but rarely am I asked to lay out my position. It's easier for them to dismiss me as an enemy (racist, nazi, homo-phobe, etc..) than for the evil and stupid (who mostly are also lazy) people to consider another POV as that would take intellectual honesty and effort.

Unknown said...

Brother, your biggest fan from India, read many of your books, been reading this blog for a long time, years in fact. First time commenting here because I feel this is your best blog post so far. You have said what was in my mind for a long time, it's my long-held theory...just substitute "India" for "USA" and "Wretched" for "Stupid". :)