Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Chris Cornell Test of Intelligence

If you are wondering if you're smart, but don't have the time to take an IQ test, consider instead the Chris Cornell. Test of Intelligence.

If you don't know who he is, and don't care that he died, congratulations, you're intelligent.


Marshallaw said...

ohhhh bit harsh.... but then that's why we love you!!!

Unknown said...

I must be brilliant. I've been hearing that name lately, and that he died. But I don't care enough to click that link, or to look up who he was and why he died, or why anybody does care that he died.

Anonymous said...

Soundgarden was a great band. Audioslave too. Sort of sad to see these guys go. Seems like all of my favorite rockers from my youth are dropping dead in their fifties. That's Gen X for you.

Soundgarden was a pretty big band back in the day. Yet nobody really knows who this guy is. Has to search for the story about his death.

As much as I love their music, I tend to hate their politics. Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam stands out. Fantastic, talented musician. Total piece of shit leftist wacko in real life. Same goes for Bruce Springsteen. I love his music. Hate him. Nothing screams "I'm the common man," like hanging out on a $200 million yacht with Barack Obama. If you haven't eaten lunch yet, look it up.

Needless to say, I do not listen to their music nearly as much any more. Fucking assholes!

Jim Scrummy said...

I liked some of his solo stuff, not a big Soundgarden fan. He had been a big drug user once upon a clean and sober...supposedly?

Anonymous said...

More "things aren't what they appear" stuff, it seems. Cosmetically, Chris Cornell had everything. But people don't just decide one day that it's time to go.

The public life is overrated. Sure, it seems like public facing people like politicians and celebrities have it all (everything from wealth to a platform they can yap on, to the power to actually affect ordinary lives), but this stuff happens way too often. This is why I'm still hoping to marry and have kids, even though I'm a still single 31 year old man. I've just seen too many people become emotionally broken as they hit their 50's, regardless of social stature.

leeholsen said...

I also really liked soungarden, it was during a time in my life when that kind of music struck a chord for me.

I give him his due, he sold an awful lot of records and was certainly near the top for a while; that's about the best a rock musician can hope for.

I don't think he's a failure because of killing himself, there's all sorts of people that do that every day; just because he did it with millions in the bank.

Unknown said...

The only reason I know the guy is because he sang the song in one of the most badass James Bond movies, Casino Royale. Otherwise, I would not have a clue.

Anonymous said...

I am sad that Chris Cornell died. On the same token, I am not going to be devastated. I did like some of his music. In the end, he wasn't a close friend or family member.

David Jravis said...

Wait... if I didn't recognize the name until AFTER they mentioned "Soundgarden", and I liked the band (at least the first album), do I still pass the test, or do I fail anyway?

Unknown said...

He was a great singer. Amazing, powerful voice. If you don't know who he is, you're probably musically retarded.

crazedchef said...


Just discovered you through your arguing with liberals column. Been posting and reading your stuff since.

This is the first of your stuff to make me go "Fuck you" too.



I'll still read your stuff as you make a lot of sense and are well written, but truly FUCK YOU AND YOUR "INTELLIGENCE EXAM!"

Grew up listening to Soundgarden, first saw them play in 1986.

You do not know who he is...fine, do not call his fans fucking morons for caring.

So once again, Fuck You Asshole.

I'm still going to buy your books on Amazon, they look worth a read.

Have a nice day.


crazedchef said...

p.s. I am really curious if you are a hypocrite or not and actually publish my comment tell you to "Fuck Off Asshole".

Still hope you have a nice day.


Faithless Cynic said...

The best day of your life will be the day you realize most people do not matter. In my case, the " cool kids" in high school who looked down on me were drugged out, anti social losers who probably did not amount to much long term. Family, friends, coworkers, and those you choose to care about matter.

Nathan said...

Wrong! Soundgarden was one of the brainier bands of the last 30 years. Not getting their music is more likely a sign of low intelligence or bad taste in rock music.

Anonymous said...

I didn't knew who he was before you mentionned him.

I first heard from him through this present blog post.

If ignoring who he was made me intelligent then now I am stupider because of you.

Thanks a lot !

Anonymous said...

I would tend to think that his logic is that if you don't know who he is and don't care it is because you are interested in more important things, like math, programming, getting in shape, managing your finances and you are not blindfully following the herd.

After going on youtube and listening to video clips of soundgarten, I see that this is music that regularly plays on the radio.

If you don't know who he is, you must be living under a rock, like me.

I don't even know anything about sports either. Who is Claude Julien ? Who is Jacques Demers ? I had no clue. I don't follow racing, I don't follow hockey.

I can tell you about Linux, Raspberry Pi, Python, HTML, Javascript. Inertial Guidance Systems, Damped Oscillations using e^-x to control a drone in mid flight and keep it on course.

I can tell you about fractal neural networks, the Boltzmann machine and how I want to use fractals to control the path of information instead of arbitrarily restrict the layers. I use a Breit-Wigner propagator to model the flow of information from neuron-to-neuron with efficient "collisions" etc.

But who is Chris Cornell ? Had No clue before you mentionned him.

The problem is that people like me are looked down, isolated from the rest, have little opportunities, made fun of. I feel like I am surrounded with zombies and I have to resist becoming one myself.

Extreme isolation. You grow by frequenting people smarter and richer than you. It is very difficult for me to grow in the surroundings that I am. I must do everything myself. It is hard to stay focused and motivated.

Does that make me smart to be appart from the rest of the crowd ? Or am I just interested in different things.

It must take quite some smarts to remember by heart all the sports players and managers and to make predictions on play outcomes etc. I once had a school mate who made $1,500 out of a $50 bet because he guessed correctly a football play.

I am introverted. But that in itself is not smarts. It just means that I can dedicate myself to specialize whereas extroverts tend to be more polyvalent but less specialized.

I am smart but my environment is really dumb, it is extremely frustrating. It's like a force trying to suck you down into the dumb world.

This world is tailored in a one-size-fits-all and is actually extremely hostile to smart people who want to get ahead. It's like it wants everybody to be at the center.

Anonymous said...

Not a big Soundgarden fan. I liked some Audioslave songs.

Honestly, while I knew who Chris Cornell was, this whole incident really doesn't matter to me one way or another. I didn't know him personally, nor do I know his family. So, I have no real emotional response.

In the course of my life, a pile of actors, artists, politicians, astronauts, athletes, and assorted glitterati have taken the dirt nap. I can sympathize with their families and friends, but in the end, their passing is inevitable, and to those who have no actual connection to them, largely inconsequential.

I believe that most of the public carrying on and wailing is just virtue signaling grief vultures. It might also be a sign that people need to get out more and actually meet and interact with others, rather than engage in some delusion that they have a personal relationship with .

Joe Bar said...

Is it OK if I am sad Nicky Hayden died?

I knew him personally, and he will be missed.

I only knew of Chris Cornell from hearing his name mentioned by radio types. I could not have identified any of his work until recently, and I really don't care.

Then again, I just turned 60.

Unknown said...

And if you don't know anything about him that's too bad. He was something. Something great.And if you want to do yourself a favor look him up, learn about who he was . Then listen. Maybe. You should start with Audioslave It's a good first Cornell awakening. If you can hear what he has to tell then you are lucky because it will reach your soul. If not then maybe you're not meant to understand the words. But if you do.. Welcome! ❤️

Unknown said...

Amen. Loudest love to you♥️

Unknown said...

Chris. Was a fucking genious. And to those of you who dont know,it's because you haven't bothered to find out..Yet.
Orjust simply because your not who he chose to care to give a shit to wether you listen to him or not.

Unknown said...

You are exactly who will hear him. Listen . Please. Try Audioslave instead for a while❤️

Unknown said...

Cosmetically came after he discovered his power to get throught people in tough times. Personally ,I had it easy but love nothing more than a person who can make a difference .. you should give listening a try . Of it works for your soul you'll be half you did!

Unknown said...

You should look up what he was about,and involved in contrary to what he knew it could cost him ,all to make a change for the better. This was actively in process during the time of his death, as well as Chester B 💔 take a look. Not at the:bullshit opinions of conspiracy' but at the facts.. it's meaningful he was a huge humanitarian that have a real big shit about abused children.

Unknown said...

You are very Correct sir! If they don't get it . Who ones loss but their own. I'm personally grateful for the chance of getting him ..much more .meeting him. If you think he's something special. Don't ever doubt it ❤️