Friday, May 12, 2017

Why Can't I Find This While "Working?"

Some people get all the luck.  Fossilized dinosaur brain.


Sorcerygod said...

Captain Capitalism, Sorcerygod here.

Think of the possibilities if you switched careers from that "useless" economics to the societally-vital paleontology.

You could give rants over all the dusting you'd have to do of bones. The women on the dig all flirting for the attention of the same alpha male would be a joy and delight. And last but not least, you could sleep in tents in the balmy Calgary winter weather which makes Minnesota look like Fiji.



Tucanae Services said...

Cap, you walk by several a day I reckon. They are called Liberals.

Mark Matis said...

You ask '"Why can't I find this while "Working?"'

Surely the answer is obvious. How many "AA specials" are "employed" where you "work"?

Affirmative Action is the answer to MANY such questions...

Anonymous said...

They are just looking in the wrong place. They are common and above ground in DC.

Subotai Bahadur