Friday, July 31, 2009

The Captain is Victorious - Update

This is an update. You will see pictures below:

A very Professor Farnsworth "good news" all fellow junior, deputy, aspiring, official and otherwise economists!

Today I finished a 20 mile hike in the Elk Wilderness area of the Black Hills. Hiked from Sylvan Lake to Horsethief Lake, then back up a tortuously long hike, plagued with poison ivy and switch backs that would make Currie Hill look like a cake walk (and no, I'm not joking).

Total time was 7 hours and 38 minutes.

However, even this feat is dwarfed to a microscopic level as to what happened yesterday.

Your Captain found (to his best estimation mind you) a fully intact dinosaur fossil.

The jaw bone, replete with two teeth, was found protruding from a cliff side in one of my many long hikes. Based on the way the fossil is protruding, it suggests the neck and rest of the body is still in the side of the cliff, ready for complete excavation.

I know this seems "nerdy" to most normal people, but a find this good is quite rare. Soon you will see me in "Amateur Fossil Hunter Quarterly" being fawned over by fossil hunting babe groupies (totally true, they totally exist!)

In any case, I am currently trying to find out what government agency I report this to, but will keep all of those interested updated.


Anonymous said...

fossil hunting babe groupies?

has it come to this? did all the other groupie girls go over to the other (Obama) side?
or has Iowahawk captivated them with tales of his "automobile collection" ?

Marc in Calgary...

amcz said...

There better be pictures with a lead-in like that.

Frank said...



Where's the photo!?

Anonymous said...

Goodness gracious, captain. Why would you want to get a government agency involved?

Jeff M said...

Let's see some pictures.

daniel_ream said...

"Nerdy" ? Hot damn, Captain, if it's an undiscovered type you get to *name* it! "Dakotasaurus Capitalismensis" or something.

Captain Capitalism said...

I was going to call it (dun dun dunnnn!!!)


King of the Dinosaurs...due to his expert knowledge of capitalism, he roamed the South Dakota prairie, knowing competition was key to his survival and success.

MTGirl said...

Man, good eyes Captain!

Wonder how many (non-economically-gifted) hiking hippies just wandered right by without ever noticing that the cliff was grinning at them.

Dr. Bob said...

Congratulations, Captain. Quite a find.

I'd just hope that whichever government agency is involved would ensure that a proper excavation is done.

Captain Capitalism said...


Whoa, one assumption at a time.

This find was WAY off the beaten track, far FAR away from what any hybrid car could travel to, let alone the 5 mile hike to the cliff.

It would take a hippee a 4 wheel vehicle to drive several miles off a dirt road and then have to physically hike several more miles to this locale, all of which is WAY too much effort for your average hippee to exert.

No most hippees would wait for Obama to deliver them the fossil, but would then have conflictions about how the fossil got to their front doorstep and was its natural habitat disturbed.

No hippee will EVER rival me.

Dr. Bob said...

So, Cap'n - post what government agency gets involved and what do they do with it.

Does the State Geologist refer it to a state university with a geology program such as the University of South Dakota at Vermillion?

Anonymous said...

Cap'n- I've been hopin' for better'n 60 years (guess the little boy never really grew up) to find something like that. Congratulations!
Now, if you could just salt the site with some old bits of aluminum, or a slingshot, or.........

Rob J

Orlin said...

Oh No!!! I think it's our beloved Fluffie. I can tell from the dental work~~~