Friday, July 24, 2009

This is Our President?

Have a beer? You're kidding me?

Don't you have more important issues to tend to?


Anonymous said...


CBMTTek said...

Just trying to prove that he is a normal joe-six pack kind of guy. No harm, no foul so to speak.

Forget the whole thing was staged.
Forget that he assumed that his buddy could not possibly have been in the wrong.
Forget that his buddy the professor assumed that because he knew the President he could get away with being an asshat.

Forget all of that, let's get together, pop a couple of cold ones, and catch the game. All is well in the world.

Oh, and while you are busy watching the melodrama, Congress is sucking your paycheck out of your hand.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion there were two racists involved in this kerfuffle and both of them were black.

Not only that, Obama's statement was a non-apology. Pompous ass.

If I were the arresting officer, I'd tell Obama he can stick his beer where the sun doesn't shine.

But, yes - doesn't Obama have better things to do?

Ryan Fuller said...

If you say the president looks like a chimp, I bet that makes you a racist now.

Puzzlist said...

No, this is all important. The great Obamessiah opened his yap without help from his teleprompter and showed his colors.

Yup, America, the cops are all stupid racist jerks, and the black sociology professors are all god-like figures we should aspire to be like.

Obama wants to get Sgt. Crowley cornered so he and Gates can convince him America is evil and must be changed into a socialist Eden run by the black intellectuals.

Paul E. Zimmerman said...

I enjoy watching The Obama step in it. Repeatedly.

Hot Sam said...

Obama has found the solution to world peace: one giant kegger!

Oh, but muslims don't drink beer.

That professor ought to be sending the policeman and the woman who called 911 and thank you card for being alert to a possible break in and responding so quickly.

I don't need to be in that house to know what that professor said to the cop. My cop friends tell me all the time what they hear. I witnessed it on the bus last week.

There is no such thing as racial profiling. Cops stop people in almost the exact proportions that they commit crimes. Unfortunately, some groups commit more crime than others.

GW South said...

I for one welcome him taking time off to have this 'beer'. Less time for him to do other things like socialize our healthcare.