Monday, July 27, 2009

Leftists Hate Math

A KEY and VITAL aspect to my philosophy of politics is that leftists/liberals hate math. The reason why is that math is not only difficult (therefore avoid it and major in journalism and gtget your masters in aromatherapy), but it also has a tendency to make things "right" or "wrong." Prove things to be "true" or "false." And otherwise provide empirical evidence that socialism doesn't work.

Ergo they avoid it like the plague.

But Steve sent me this article which reminded me again of the reality of the labor market.

Thanks Steve!


GW South said...

While reading the article, my mouse cursor was in the middle of the page. As I scrolled down the article, my mouse curson was over a particular sentence and was sitting over a particular letter. You can imagine my surprise when I read, "Math is at the crux of who gets laid".

True story when you're making 6 figures at 30.

Anonymous said...

Loved the line:

"... salaries for graduates who studied fields like social work command tiny paychecks ..."

I hate the smug factor and severely inflated self-worth for most liberal arts majors.

Frank said...

Back in my uni days, I recall that many a toilet sported the graffiti "Arts degrees - Please take one!" scribbled across the top of the toilet paper dispenser.

HardScores said...

This site is hilarious! Thanks for the big laughs! Socialism! Haha, you've done it again!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I really, really hate Math.

Algebra, fine. Trig, ok. Calculus, oh my head.

My undergrad is in Chemistry. My Masters is in Comp Sci.

To get my undergrad degree, I took my Calc 1, two years later I took Calc 2 and a year and a half later took Calc 3. All I can say is I worked hard and never was any good at it. I took the 5 year plan becuase I bounced majors a few times - from engineering, to Physics, to Chemistry.

So, I teach a couple of years of high school, and decide move on to go to grad school. My TA assignment - co-teach Calc 1.


Now, in the 30 years I've been in the computer business as an operating system programmer and an IT guy, I've never once had to use Calculus for anything.

For the record, I'm conservative and contribute to the US GDP.

There's one cubicle at work that has a Dilbert cartoon on it. The company hires a liberal arts major to flap their arms to provide air movement - either that or to provide motion so the sensor doesn't shut the lights off.

Anonymous said...

Hi Captain,

I'm sorry, but you are hanging around the wrong group of people.

I have a degree in electrical engineering, and have had a reasonably successful career at Hewlett Packard - then at another smaller country.

I've generally found that a small majority of people who have my qualifications and skills were left of center in their political outlook.

I also understand that companies like Google employ large percentages of left of center people.

Like it, or not, math oriented majors don't all become capitalists, even if they make large incomes in capitalist enterprises.