Monday, July 20, 2009

The Captain's 6 Week Vacation

I have a 6 week vacation planned.

The reason I have a six week vacation planned is;

1. I do not have children.

2. I am self-employed and instead of answering to some PHB, middle aged moron who maintains the status quo, I've set up a nice little operation that is above all other things, EFFICIENT, and permits me to take this 6 week vacation instead of the paltry (gee-thanks-master) 2 week vacation most other people seem to slave themselves over

3. I spend less than I make, don't buy new cars or clothes, and more or less have rejected the consumption mentality that has driven most other Americans into debt, and thusly have a small, but positive cash flow that affords me this lifestyle and opportunities as such

4. Obama and the socialists in congress has made it economically not worth my while to work more.

5. I deserve every second of it because of how much I've worked in the past 20 years and instead of mommy and daddy paying my way through a 2 week vacation in Europe when I was 19, I'm putting myself out to the Badlands, Black Hills and Big Horns in the South Dakota Wyoming way and will not be in any rush to do anything but fossil hunt, mountain climb, rock climb, fish and explore.

Regardless, as I will be gone for quite some time and out in the middle of nowhere, I will not be making as many posts between July 23rd and August 31st. I will still be making the occasional post, but not as much.

HOWEVER, do not fear!

I have high trained and DEPUTIZED Cappy Cap guest writing economists that will help pick up the slack.

Our very own and beloved Prisoner of War in California, The Major (who is an actual, real, official economist) will be writing for your reading pleasure, as well as an associate of mine, who will remain anonymous.

Understand their writing does not necessarily reflect my own beliefs, but for the most part probably will.

In any case, grant them the same honor and privileges as you do me. I will be moderating comments though as always to keep the trolls out, not to mention the daily moronic commentary I get from rabid leftists that want to believe their journalism degree will somehow save the world.


Billy B said...

Vacation, from writing a BLOG???? Where are you going, to the Moon? I travel a lot and still maintain my online World NO PROBLEM. Maybe you should check out wireless broadband services.

I will assume it is a LAME excuse to abandon your faithful followers while you pursue some NEW endeavor. NO PROBLEMO Cap't!

Have fun.

EarlW said...

Have a nice vacation. We'll miss you, even up here in the Great White North. I'll have time to finish reading your book...

Captain Capitalism said...


Hey, I'm not going to ANY place that has ANY reception

We're talking REMOTE South Dakota, Nebraska, out in the middle of nowhere. Look up Ardmore SD (or maybe it's NE - it doesn't matter, it's sticksville)

I will be lucky to get cell phone reception let alone internet.



Chevy Rose said...

Scorpions, spiders, snakes, mountain lions, and no TV for six weeks! Wow, you are brave. haha
Have fun, stay safe.

Captain Capitalism said...

They actually do not have scorpions in South Dakota.

So I should be very safe.

especially with the AR 15 I'm packing and the 357.

Mountain lions are hungry once in a while.

MTGirl said...

Uh, Capt, you do realize there is this little, tiny, itty-bitty festival thingy going on in South Dakota at the beginning of August. It doesn't really have a name, but it is held in the wee little town of STURGIS.

So yes, I imagine you will get to see some interesting wildlife. With excellent plumage.