Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'd Say 48% Booing, 52% Cheering

Regardless, he is not walking on water anymore;


Scott said...

Is this the first pitch that he threw at "...the former Cominsky Field..."?

Anonymous said...

I would agree - there was a lot of booing going on. A "Boo" is not as loud as a "cheer" - not sure why, I guess you can yell louder than you can "Boo".

It does show how polarizing this president is.

Dave said...

Plus he throws like a girl

Anonymous said...

and the mom jeans... come on.

Anonymous said...

Dave - please do not insult the girls.

Let's hope BHO finds some quicksand fast before he destroys our nation.

If there was ever a time for gridlock, this is it.

Can you imagine the uproar if the Republicans ran Congress the way that Pelosi and Reid have?

I'm tired of jackbooted thugs like Obama, Pelosi and Reid ramming bull shit bills through without allowing anyone including the public from reading them.

WTF ever happened to "the consent of the governed".

We're overdue for the pitchforks and torches. Of course in Minnesota, we'd use baseball bats and hockey sticks.

Hot Sam said...

He pitches almost as poorly as he bowls.

Consider that a significant portion of the audience is non-partisan and will applaud for him out of simple respect.

The general applause slowly gets drowned out by the deep and resonant boos. Then as the boos grow, you can hear the cheering and whistling get louder in response.

I agree that a "boo" is never as loud as a cheer and nowhere close to the volume of a whistle.

High frequency sounds are much more damaging to the ears, so the woo'ing and whistling gets your attention far more than the low rumbling of a boo. That's why you whistle for a taxi cab.

Lance Armstrong was quoted as saying, "A boo is louder than a cheer. If you hear ten people cheering and one person booing, all you hear is the booing"

But I think he meant that figuratively or emotionally, not literally.