Saturday, July 18, 2009

How to Argue Against Socialism and Defend Capitalism

Hi All,

I have finalized a date and a location for the seminar. It will be THIS TUESDAY, July 21st from 5-745PM.

Unfortunately only folks within driving distance of Minneapolis will be able to attend conveniently, but for those of you still interested, we will be filming it and putting it up on the internet (assuming we can put 2 hours worth of seminar on the internet).

There are only 30 spaces available so please let me know if you want to attend by e-mailing me at

I will then send those interested the location and details.

Please do dress up a little bit as we will be filming this and I think it's going on the local public access cable show or something.

El Cap-i-tan


Anonymous said...

Will there be free snacks and food?

Mayfield said...

I am looking for to watching it on-line.

Do you have a prepared lecture that could be posted as well?

Anonymous said...

This is like having a conference to explain "Why the sun is hot."

Captain Capitalism said...

Correct. And it shows you just how stupid the American public is and what a horrible job our schools have done educating children about basic economics that this seminar even need be presented.

Robert of Ottawa said...

I can't get there from here in that time. Buit. I want top be sure that Ottawans are going to receive it.

BTW public schools are designed mainly as child-minders, and are a useful indoctrination vector for socialists.

Anonymous said...

The simplest example is this.

Put a 20 dollar bill on the other side of the classroom.

Arrange the desks and chairs in a random pattern so that someone will have to wind their way around to get to the money.

Divide the room into those who think socialism is good and those who think capitalism is good.

Have each group pick a person to go get the $20.

Blindfold the socialist and call the rest of the group the government and have his group tell him or her how to get across the room.

Let the capitalist walk over and get the money.

Pretty easy, huh?

The superiority of capitalism rests (superficially) on the unfettered flow and use of information. Fundamentally, it is superior to socialism because it respects the individual and controls despots.

Peter said...

2:45 is a long lecture. How much will be set up and how much will be lecture?