Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Captain's Great Expedition!

Howdy All!

Your beloved captain is off! Off to the blessed land of South Dakota for 6 weeks. 6 blessed weeks of...




and as one reader wrote me...


Yes, what trials and tribulations await the Captain!?

In any case, starting tomorrow our beloved guest writers will be chipping in as I will be in arguably the remotest parts of the country hunting down fossils, venturing where humans haven't in 500 years, catching MUCHO fish, and bagging peaks.

Also, we filmed the seminar last night and it went very well.

The video in its entirety is about 20 hours 10 minutes. A "professional" version will be compiled which will only be 30 minutes to an hour. I will be putting together a full You Tube version, unless it is too cumbersome, in which case I will just burn it to DVD and for shipping, handling and some profit priced in for myself, will be selling it (it won't be that expensive).

In any case I will miss all you guys, but will be checking in intermittently to see how youse are all doing.

The Captain


Anonymous said...

Do you mean 2 hours and 10 minutes? 20 hours seems like a lot of time.

MTGirl said...

Have fun Captain!!

Hope you blow the hell out of whatever your shooting at!

I'll blast a couple of gophers to smithereens (while drinking beer) to memorialize the day the great expedition began. (and because I live on a gravel road and I can do that kind of stuff anytime I want!)

Anonymous said...

Could Captain Capitalism survive in the wilderness without money?

Anonymous said...

That hippie.