Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It's Called "Capital Flight"

Today's term boys and girls is called

"Capital flight."

It's when people move their money out of a country because that country's tax rate, regulatory environment or government has become too hostile or impossible to do business in.

It's already happening, well, because Obama is in the truest and literal sense an economic dumbass and thinks people are just going to stay here and take it.

If you need to explain why corporate tax rates are bad to a leftist and if there is a SOLE SINGLE REASON the socialist's economic plan will NOT resurrect the economy, this is it.


CBMTTek said...

Are you kidding?

If the Government makes it more expensive to do business in the US, companies will leave?

No way! I refuse to believe that those lousy capitalist (probably Republican as well) pigs are so profit motivated that they are unwilling to pitch in and do what is best for everyone. (and by everyone, I mean those residents that are too lazy and unmotivated to bother earning what they want)

On another hope and dreams note, at Obama's town hall meeting in VA, his healthcare plan is to "pursuade" the healthcare industry to focus on quality of care, not quantity of procedures/services.

Sure, right, OK. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Feh, this is just a another good reason to impose capital controls.

Control is good.

(Sarcasm off.)

GW South said...

Off topic - Captain you'd like this article.

BC Monkey said...

Well I for one welcome Timmie's home to Canada.

I really never did think I would see the day that moving to the US looked like a bad idea and that Canada would be a better place to invest than the US.

Well, I'll raise a double-double to Tim's return. And buy some shares for my kids' education investment plan.