Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Captain Puts on a Public Seminar

I have a 6 week vacation scheduled. The reason I have a 6 week vacation scheduled is because Obama has made it economically irrational for me to work more, to make more, only to be taxed more, which in the end, frankly, means I shouldn't even bother working because I'm slaving away for people who deem it beneath them to slave away and just prefer to live off of schmucks like me. Ergo, I refuse to be the schmuck and good luck raising federal revenues while me and millions like me just refuse to work any more because it ain't freaking worth it.

Regardless, the vacation I will be taking will be in the Rapid City, SD area where I plan to hunt Californians and beat them down for the money they owe me for the bailout we're sure to give them...errr...I mean "I going fossil hunting."

In any case, before I take off I will be giving a seminar open to the public in the Twin Cities area. The title will be

"How to Defend Capitalism and Argue Against Socialism"

I've been asked by several people to put such a seminar given the wave of socialism winning over America and I will be delivering it before I take off for vacation. The time and location have yet to be set, but it will be before the 23rd because that's when I'm off to shoot Californians...errr...I mean "going fishing in South Dakota."

All are invited, including stalkers, impersonators, communists, socialists and varied psychopaths because not only myself, but pretty much all of my friends have carry and conceal permits and we'd love to have you.

I will post details upon finalizing a venue and a date, but in case anybody was interested in a seminar that pretty much succintly makes the arugment for capitalism and blows socialism out of the water (whilst shooting Californians...errr...I mean "hiking in the Black Hills"), all with the lovable personality, character and color of your beloved Captain, feel free to show up.


BC Monkey said...

Please record and post to youtube when you do.

I should be getting my copy of your book today when my friend delivers it to me. (I send it to his address in the US in order to avoid the CAD shipping and taxes, being in Canada.)

I don't know if you read much fiction asides from newspapers, but if you do, I recommend John Birmingham's "Without Warning", where the USA is wiped out suddenly.... and what happenes to the rest of the world after that. I'm halfway through and damm, it's gripping. Yes, the US disappearing works out for the rest of the world even worse than you'd think.....

daniel_ream said...

Bit far for us Canucks to come, Cap - surely you could have the event recorded and made available after the fact? Or to drive the point home, you could have it properly videographed and sell DVDs.

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem with arguing capitalism vs. socialism... most proponents of socialism do not accept facts, evidence and objective measurements. Their belief systems are irrational.

You generally can't win the hearts and minds(?) of irrational people with a rational argument. (An opinion you have espoused).

The same problem exists in attempting to argue the case that global warming doesn't exist and that if it exists, is not due to man's activities.

The only way I know of convincing irrational people is for them to suffer the natural consequences of their beliefs, but then that often fails because they consider themselves victims and fail to see the connection between the consequences and their beliefs.

I hope you cover this part of making the argument.

dtrum said...

How did Obama make it "economically irrational" for you to work more? Aren't taxes in the US still at the level of the G.W.Bush presidency?

BC Monkey said...

Anonymous, The point of most public debate is not to change the minds of those who oppose you, but to speak to those in the middle who have yet to be solidly persuaded one way or the other. The current default belief, thanks to the media and the state schools & univeristy is socialism. Fortunately, that default belief tends to be fairly shallow because at some level, most people have a sense that something doesn't quite add up with what they've been taught.