Friday, July 17, 2009

Monthly "Obscene Profit Break"

Hi All,

It is once again the monthly time to push my wares and services so that I, your beloved Captain, may continue to put food on the table, pay the mortgage, and go fossil hunting in South Dakota.

Yes there is of course the book you may buy, however, more importantly are my online classes, which have sustained about a 40% drop in enrollment. Obviously due to the economy, however, what better time than a RECESSION to take a class on finance and economics? Regardless, the drop in enrollment is really actually hurting me financially, so if you know anybody interested in taking a class on either investing in stocks or just a damn fine class on personal financial management, send them my way.

You may also help the Captain by just making a donation. You don't get anything but warm fuzzies from this. Of course, if you are a super rich person and want to make a donation of an amount that would sayyyyy, pay off my mortgage? Imagine the lifetime of super warm fuzzies that would generate. It would also make Natasha very happy, and who wouldn't want Natasha to be happy?

What will also make Natasha happy is just buying some "stuff." "Stuff" of the capitalist nature. Not much up there, but hey, if you need a neato shirt or a neato coffee mug

Finally, you can just mention the Captain to family, friends...enemies... or people you're just indifferent about.


Anonymous said...

Were your shirts made in America?

Ryan Fuller said...

"Were your shirts made in America?"

If they were, and you could have gotten them cheaper if they were foreign made, you wasted Americans' time and resources by employing people to make shirts at a higher opportunity cost than is necessary.

"Buy local" is perhaps dumbest economic fallacy out there today. Well, maybe not as bad as Stimulus Spending, but it's still pretty dumb.