Saturday, August 22, 2009

Your Captain Has Failed

I thought I had found a dinosaur.

Turns out it was just a "brontothere" an ice age creature that had a skull of about 4 feet long.

All that being said, it was actually awesome to have Dr. Barb (the US Forest Service's official, tippy top super paleontologist) come out and dig out the ONE bone I did find and in all truthfulness, I'll be perfectly happy finding a brontothere.

Of course, Natasha found TWO dinosaurs, but that is another story.

Post post - Brontotheres were portrayed in Ice Age as the two, um...effeminate rhinos (have to skip to the video)


Anonymous said...

Good planted those bones there to test our faith.

Anonymous said...

Not bad, a pretty bad-ass pre-rhino thing.

Why is it I keep thinking, Man, those would make good-hunting, REcopmmended round:. .50 cal BMG Not much the stalk as the exciting get-away when the rest of the annoyed herd turned in your direction and charged.


We're waiting for the lovely Natasha's story.

I mean, I'm all for your intellectual brilliance cappy, but sometimes a lovely observant lady telling a story has more charm.

Hot Sam said...

Why is finding bones of Ice Age megafauna less prestigious than finding a dinosaur? I think it's cool to learn about the rhino horse.

I can see this guy being ridden in some Star Wars or Conan film. Fred Flintstone probably knew this critter.

Great find! And I'm not talking about the Titanothere. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dinosaurs are a dime a dozen, but a brontothere? You da man- Captain!

Fudgepie said...

Can't find a dinosaur fossil, huh? Don't worry about it, Captain. I once found a complete fossilized T-Rex skeleton in my backyard.

Some people have a knack, some don't.

Sean B said...

Very nice.

By the way, your uncredited image looks very familiar--since it is the mural at the T.rex Discovery Centre in Eastend Saskatchewan--where I am currently sitting in the General Manager chair.

Also, not an Ice Age animal (despite the movie). They lived when things were warm and forested in the Eocene.