Thursday, August 09, 2012

Ain't Socialism Grand?

How's that socialism thing working out for you Europeans?  Strong families?  Everything is taken care of.  You don't have to worry about your mortgages or paying for gas like we do here, right?

Should we Americans follow you deeper into the mine?  Lot's of dead canaries we see strewn about the floor.  Oh well, we'll ignore it anyway!  We sure envy "Baby Hatches!"


Anonymous said...

There will be revolutions soon.

Anonymous said...

Come now. The difference between Europe and the US is a not a matter of socialism versus not-socialism, but rather a matter of degrees...

Carnivore said...

Data from the Hellenic Statistical Authority shows that 27.7 percent of Greeks are now facing penury.

There's a word I haven't seen for a few decades. Must be pretty bad in Greece.

Lib Arts Major Making $27k/yr At An Office Job said...

They're spending that money on "foreign aid" because that's the post-colonial term for "Hegemon funding."

The Sun really did never set on the British Empire - the UK just got smart enough to stop calling itself an Empire.

sth_txs said...

Wow! It looks like most of the working population is knocked down to what amounts to minimum wage here:

"Half the nation’s households earn less than 19,000 euros a year; only about 10 percent of households earn more than 60,000 euros annually, according to the French statistics agency, Insee."

Yeah, sign me up, NOT!

Anonymous said...

Cappy, you are taking into consideration the extremes.
Yes, Greece sux, but main reason behind this was not the socialism state collaps, but mainly the enter to EUSSR.
To explain it in economical terms, the Greeks having entered the Euro-zone and EU market have experienced unbalanced rise of power of currency, which was not backed up by their (adequate) economy's rise. What is meant for Greece is that they could purchase the debts which were unavaible for them before they joined the Eurozone (Eurozone = using Euro as currency). This effect has coped with European Dotation programme which has stagflated internal economy of Greece (EU donation program = so ok, you pay x% of the project, rest pays UE which is hidden debt [hidden in payback contribution system] and also - where do Greeks must get this x% of share to build project? You guessed, by enrolling debt) , which in turn even further deepened the rise of purchasing power of Greeks vs their economy behind it.

You can find that commies up in Scandinavia are quite using their brains : what I mean by that is for example Danes have extremely socialist state, yet Ease of making Business there is one of highest ; same applies to Sweden.

But there is one more point, besides of elites which took up position in Europe therefore deciding to drain the manger, are the society condition. For example, in Eastern Europe countries the govt officials are saint cows which can fuck you up, whilst mostly in Western Europe most of them are trying to help you one way or another - at the expense of your wallet, ofc, but they try less to disrupt the economy.

Keep it up, cap', greets from Jewrope!

Anonymous said...

There are boxes with alarms on them for mothers to simply abandon their infants in them? How innovative. I think the U.S. could do something similar but as soon as a person puts his/her hand into it to drop off the baby a pair of handcuffs slams down on their wrists. A blood test is automatically conducted and DNA is automatically cataloged. If an XX chromosome is detected the woman goes free and is given a coupon good for groceries and a free house. If an XY chromosome is detected the police are called and after a serious beatdown, he is arrested, put into prison, and forced to pay child support to the state. It's for the children after all.