Monday, August 13, 2012

Sadly, I'm Being Serious

I wish I wasn't being serious here, but I am.

Paul Ryan's physical fitness and looks will matter in this race.

It shouldn't, just like Obama's pecks shouldn't have, but it will.

I will also contend Romney knew this full well and any reputation and background Ryan has with his "draconian" cuts to spending will be overshadowed by his looks to female voters.  In short, he could cut all the children's programs to nothing, and most people won't care because all they see is the neo-JFK.

I guess if we have to play dirty, we have to play dirty.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me Plato and his Ship of State.
- Who is needed for the captain.
- Who people tend to vote.

Aaron said...

No one in Congress accepted Dr. Paul's 20 mile bike challenge. Didn't want to be shown up by a 76 year old man I guess!

Brian said...

From Politico, the top four search terms paired with Paul Ryan on Google this weekend:

"Vice President", "Shirtless", "Wiki", and "Budget".

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily. Dubya's exercise regimen was used as an example of how he was, like, totally unfit to be POTUS. The Dems might try something similar with Ryan.

In a fair world, that wouldn't work. People would point out that, if exercise makes Obama (even more) awesome, Ryan's exercise and lean body should make them equal in that regard. They would demand that that be set aside and the election be decided on the issues.

(It's okay, I snorted at that last sentence too.)

But most people are neither politics wonks, nor particularly intelligent. Most people won't remember the different treatment of Obama and Bush, if they ever saw it at the time. Most people will take criticism of Ryan's regimen at face value. They'll see any attempts to counter this as being overly defensive.

I hope I'm being too pessimistic. But Ryan is far better looking than Obama, especially to the whites who comprise the majority of the electorate. In fact, the entire GOP ticket is far better looking, and in far better shape, than their Dem counterparts. The Dems need to find a way to neutralise that.

Mutnodjmet said...

Capt.: You have to be able to utilize all the tools you have at your disposal. :) ;)

James Wolfe said...

...about 6' 1", cute hair?

It was kinda cute.