Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Why Californian Republicans Deserve to Lose

I hate weak, ineffective, and indecisive leadership.  Ergo I guess I hate the California GOP.


Anonymous said...

How that person could "explain the unexplainable" without reference to a certain demographic influx is truly a mystery.

Mutnodjmet said...

Anonymous: 2 reasons --

1) Most of our Hispanic Population is here legally; and,

2) The State GOP has absolutely no outreach to the Hispanic community, legal or otherwise.

Detailing all the complexities of the state was beyond the scope of my assignment -- however the crux of one of its largest problems is the focus of that piece.

El Bastardo said...

The Hawaii GOP is even worse.

Anonymous said...

The GOP doesn't have a chance anyway, so

Let the Demos. Marxists and Commies have California and drive the state into the ground.

Let the state fail and as it moves toward failure watch the capital and the productive class flee to better places and smile.

And give no frickin' bailouts to CA either.

Anonymous said...


Doesn't matter that they're in CA legally. The influx of Hispanics has destroyed California and destroyed the California GOP - and they're too scared to mention it or to try to do anything about it.

The "conservatives" who complain only about illegal immigration are stupid. What matters is not the "legality" but the number and type of immigrants. A small number of illegal Hispanics or a large number of legal European immigrants are not a problem. A small number of illegal European immigrants or a large number of legal Hispanic or African immigrants are a big problem.

Mutnodjmet said...

I could not disagree more that all the problems with California can be laid at the feet of illegal immigrants. We have a whole lot of upper-crust American elites and tons of eco-activists, who I would argue are MORE of a problem.