Friday, August 17, 2012

Old People Aren't Holy

Matter of fact a lot of them are mean, selfish people.

Again, I have no problems cutting Medicare and Social Security.


Enjoy the alone time in the cheap nursing home.


Eric B said...

How dare you cut Medicare and Social Security! Us old geezers paid into it our whole lives!

(Just ignore the fact we voted in politicians who spent all the money right away and made promises too big to keep even if they hadn't spent all the money.)

No, we shouldn't feel the pinch. We'll just vote for politicians who will just make you young whipper snappers pay for it. After all, you youngins are only just trying to get started in life while us old geezers have had all our lives to save.

Larry Sheldon said...

I'm not sure where you are coming from, but as a 73-year old I'd rather live in my own home, if you can find a way to let me afford that.

I wish you had gotten rid of Social Security and the rest of it before I was born--I'd have few worries now.

Get rid of SS and Medicare, just give me my money back at interest.

Anonymous said...

as a soon to be old person, I agree.

Captain Capitalism said...

Their anger will be moot as when there is no more money left, there will be no more money left.

They will complain, but nothing will happen.

They will vote in socialists, but nothing will happen.

It is the end game of being ignorant and selfish.

Drama said...

Talking to an American I met while traveling overseas recently. We agreed to let these old folks live in bunk-houses and eat rice and beans everyday.

Social security doesn't exist to fund your weekly trips to the casino.

Anonymous said...

While I understand your complaint, for you to get your money back, even at zero interest, that money has to be taken from somebody else. Sorry, but you can't shove all the pain onto others. You must feel the pinch too.

Anonymous said...

Social Security and Medicare will be cut, when everything stops. When the Chinese tire of funding a nation's wasteful ways, it will all stop as almost everything else in the US will stop.

Reading your brief posting, it would not be apparent that of all the people who receive a government check SS and Medicare is the only one in which recipients actually contributed to the fund. Baby Mommas contribute nothing. But, the first thing you want to cut is the one program which has been funded by recipients, not the programs which are never funded by the recipients.

At least you are kinder then the dork who posted a couple years ago on an an MRA board that every person should be killed on his or her 70th birthday. He seems to have forgotten that old people can shoot.

You do remind me of the classic play, CYRANO. The fantastic swordsman with the big nose tells a man he is about to kill, all the things he should have said, if he were intelligent.

If you were intelligent, instead of openly speaking hatred for all old people, you could have told this nation how to eliminate 75% of Medicare costs. For 40 years, the medicos have been preaching low fat; high carb, and this has made us the most unhealthy nation in the world. If we had a national campaign to teach people to go low carb, most medical costs would cease to exist. There would be a surplus of doctors, and medical costs would be trivial.

Also, if you were intelligent, you would know eliminating SS and Medicare will not mean old people dying in cheap care centers. There is no such thing as a cheap care center. Old people will be starving to death just as many did before SS was implemented, which is why it was implemented. That is what SS was intended to do, not to be the only retirement program.

You are too good a man to write something as childish as this posting.

Anonymous age 70

Anonymous said...

Larry Sheldon said..."Get rid of SS and Medicare, just give me my money back at interest."

It is NOT 'my money' 'your money'.

You did not 'pay in' to a program.

You do NOT 'get it back' just as you do not 'get back' your taxes. Just as you have no legal claim (this precedent is long standing) to how your taxes are spent once you pay them, so do you not have control over how SS is spent.

It was a TAX just as your FIT (Federal Income Tax) was each paycheck.

Your SSI and SSDI OASDI contributions were ALL pooled with the FIT each paycheck, and it was ALL spent within 2 weeks of your pay being given to you.

Any business owner knows this as the deposit slip for SS and FIT is THE SAME PIECE OF PAPER.

It's not 'your money'.
It's gone.
Get over it and get your mind up to reality.

I know that you FEEL, you BELIEVE, you WANT, you were TOLD that you 'paid in to a program'.

You did not. You were lied to, all of us were lied to.

So, are you going to bankrupt everyone younger than you, just to get your selfish way?

--Lee at do-not-marry