Friday, August 17, 2012

That's Not a Bug, It's a Feature of Socialism

Dear Democrats, Socialists, Communists and Other Varied Sorts of Lefter Leaning Folk,

I find it necessary to write this letter on account there has been now more than one instance of one of your members complaining about "evil rich people sending all their jobs/money overseas" within earshot of me.  It is apparent you need a vocabulary lesson, specifically the term "capital flight," so let us begin out Super Awesome Economic Lesson (TM).

"Capital flight" is not a "conspiracy" or "another evil republican plot" to undermine you.

It is a built in feature of socialism. 

It has nothing to do with "evil capitalists" conspiring against the little people.  It has nothing to do with evil rich men controlling the world through global markets or central banks.  It has nothing to do with the illuminati or the Masons.

It is a 100% trait or feature of socialism.  People deciding to ship their money overseas, shutting down businesses here, or just plain opting no longer to work is not the doing of "greedy capitalists."  It is a by-product 100% caused by socialism.

Now I know you have problems understanding this.  Heck, if the extent of my thoroughness in stress-testing my own ideology entailed merely just saying,

"I just feel we should do nice things for people and make those rich bastards pay" 

 and never bothering to thing of secondary or tertiary economic consequences, then yes, I'd blame it on conspiracies too.  But if you would be so kind to treat this like a chess game where you could buck your intellectual laziness and muster the calories of energy to think 2 or even 3 moves ahead, you can see why capital flight is your fault.

"Capital flight" is a natural human reaction to parasitism. 

If you discover a tick or a leech on your arm sucking out your blood, you get rid of it.

If your husband or wife is abusive, you leave.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend spends more and more of your money to the point you're impoverished, you dump them.

In short getting rid of parasites is a natural, darwinistic, survival instinct of self-preservation.  And when you demand other people pay you to bribe other people to vote for you...err....I mean, demand other people pay higher taxes to create make work government jobs employed by armies of worthless liberal arts majors...errr...I mean, demand other people spend progressively higher and higher percentages of their lives enslaved to others, they will simply walk or minimize their economic production efforts.

I will once again aliken this to how a woman would like to be treated by her husband in the vain hopes this simple economic lesson sinks in.

If a man beats his wife, do you think she's going to stick around, let alone be supportive of him?


if a man treats his wife like a goddess, do you think she will be more productive and reciprocative?

You just keep beating your economic wives and see how well that works for you in the long run.  Just remember, it's your fault when she leaves.  Not some "complex, super high end, intenational conspiracy financed by "big oil"  and uh uh...the corporations acting all 'corporationy'."


Not Jennifer Aniston said...

Awesome post! In my local community we seem to have the opposite problem- rent seeking. Local govt feels they need to bribe companies into locating here. Companies are being bid on by many different local jurisdictions. Enjoy the decline.

Mutnodjmet said...

Great analogy!

Joseph Tkach III said...

Good post except for the fact that women generally cheat on and become bored with the man who treats them like a goddess, whereas they can't seem to stay away from the asshole who beats them.

Anonymous said...

"If a man beats his wife, do you think she's going to stick around, let alone be supportive of him?"

Maybe, if she's completely brainwashed and has no other options.

Look at our education systems. Look at the attempts to spread corporatist socialism throughout the world.

Allerious said...

Aye, Joseph.

Dave said...

Not Jennifer Aniston,

The State of Rhode Island did even better when it lured 38 Studios with a $75 million loan guarantee. This loan was tied to hiring benchmarks -- each slice of the loan required the company to create more in-state jobs.

By the time 38 Studios ran out of money, it had bloated to 379 employees costing $4 million a month.

Need I mention that Rhode Island, now $75 million deeper in debt, is completely controlled by Democrats?

Gatmando said...

Sometime when I have engaged in arguments with socialists or the left leaning one of my favorite questions to ask after going over how their policies have resulted in little more than poverty and tyranny is "so what did you think was going to happen?"

Usually the response is the typically illogical 'fluffier kittens and pretty unicorns' type of answer. Some of them know it too. You can tell by the way they answer they know they are being naive.

Stupid people.