Saturday, August 04, 2012

I Have A Question About Diversity

I was told diversity is good.  Forget the character of people, long as they're different, it's good.  ie-Diversity has merit and worth unto itself, even beyond whether or not the individual people are nothing more than criminals or parasites.  You killed a ton of people?  That's OK, you're diversity!

So answer me this (and really focus on the logic here because it gets complicated), when raccoons invade Germany and they're not native, that is by the definition of diversity, ADDING DIVERSITY to the country's animal kingdom, right?  That's good, right?  An increase in the number of types of animules is by definition increasing its diversity, right?

Well how can an increase in the number of animules pose a THREAT to biodiversity when there mere existence increases it????

Or is it that animules and humans are different and increases in human diversity is good, while increases in animule diversity is bad?  But aren't humans considered animules, especially by the leftists that not only champion secular darwinism and insist we're nothing more than animules, and that human diversity is good?  But wait, increases in animule diveristy is bad, and since humans are animules we should trap invasive human species, but WAIT human diversity is good, which means we don't trap invasive species, but that would not increase diversity, which...animules...diversity....humans...bad...good...DOES    NOT   COMPUTE!!!!!!

Serves me right to apply logic to leftists' thinking.


Anonymous said...

Matthew Walker said...

Simple: Whatever increases the power of apex progressives is good for flowers and other living things, the Planet, women, glaciers, karma, the environment, the economy, and whatever bizarre microhemidemisubset of gays is fashionable this week. For example, illegal Mexican immigrants make the seas recede.

But raccoons can't vote illegally, so fuck 'em.

Anonymous said...

"Diversity is our strength" is boilerplate leftist doublespeak. Diversity is a massive weakness. It is a weakness that the US manages to overcome better than anywhere else on the planet but it is a weakness nonetheless. If diversity really was a strength the left would allow intellectual diversity in universities but we know that that is the last thing that will ever happen. To Quote Kate at SDA, "what's the opposite of diversity - university". - minuteman

Anonymous said...

ummm, human beings of diverse races or whatever, are still the same SPECIES, whereas raccoons are an alien SPECIES. maybe human beings would be worse off if millions of lions or dinosaurs were to move in.

Anonymous said...

I askes a progressive in a bar how she could believe in evolution and social justice/redistribution at the same time. I sent her into orbit when I pointed out how if she really believed in evolution people should be starving in the street by her hand.

Captain Capitalism said...

Anon 335,

Yeah, but imagine how much fun that would be! I wonder what caliber of bullet would have to be used to bring down a brontosaurus!

sth_txs said...

The other type of diversity not allowed by leftist scum are those who profess classical liberalism or more free market such as the Captain here.

No, we can't have those types of 'diverse' views espoused.

Anonymous said...


Animule? Animal?