Friday, August 10, 2012

If You Love the Ole Captain...

you'll participate in this here little experiment.

Think of something you need or have to buy.

Click here on this Amazon link and buy it.

In doing so I get the commission which pays for the Rumpleminze that fuels my posts and moves me closer to getting to write for my main source of income (BTW, Rumpie is the secret ingredient to Super Awesome Economic Genius!  Just don't tell Paul Krugman!)

Many thanks for those of you who DID buy stuff on Amazon for me.  It actually is paying for my cell phone bill!


Elusive Wapiti said...

Didn't buy, but left some dineros for a shot of rumpie or two anyways.

Keeping "Worthless" for S1 to read...and have already leveraged it in "what will you do when you grow up" discussions with him this summer.

Anonymous said...

Mr Canning said Mrs Plews had gone to Gambia to meet her new man using money from Plews’ business, adding: “She then married him while married to the defendant. Apparently that’s legal in Gambia.

“He kept his wife, he thought, very happy over the years. It’s difficult for him not to see himself as the victim. He has lost his wife, his house and his children.”

Recorder Bradshaw handed Plews a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for two years and ordered him to pay his ex wife £5,000 compensation.

Captain Capitalism said...

But Elusive,

It hurts me that you spend money and got nothing for it.

Had you bought something, all would have been well in my little economic world.


Rumbear said...

I want a pony and Amazon had none. Such is life.

Mr. Plews needs to move to Gambia. Laws are different there. He might be surprised what is "legal".

Be that as it may, I forwarded you a couple shots of Rumpie....however, I kept the rest of the bottle. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I would, but I don't think the referral system works for Canadian buyers, as we get shuffled off to mirror.

More's the pity.

radical_negative_one said...

Hey Cappy Cap, i just bought something through your link, but after making the purchase i see that the referral tag on the URL has disappeared at some point. Here's hoping you got your few drops of Rumpie anyway!