Thursday, August 23, 2012

Are Feminists Ever Happy?

No, seriously. I mean that question. And I demand a feminist answer it.

Are you ladies EVER happy?  Is this your life?  This is what you do?  Nag and nit-pick the rest of society on trivial matters?  Not to mention, matters that are none of your business?

I mean, you guys have got to be the most miserable people on the face of the planet.  And you have the gal to mock and ridicule housewives or stay-at-home-moms who actually ARE happy?  Women who love their husbands and do not view them as oppressors?  Women who will happier than you could ever conceive, let alone be?

I'm say this not because I hope it's true, but because it is true and it should give the remaining 95% of the population that just plain doesn't like feminism or feminists some solace:

It must be hell, pure hell, living a life of a feminist today.  

This isn't a sexist piece.  This isn't a bigoted piece.  This is an adult who's had enough and is putting his foot down and calling out childish behavior.  Stop hiding cowardly behind "isms" to excuse your pathetic behavior and start preparing to be treated like, and held up to the standards of, adults.  Which is what feminism wanted, right?


Normal Guy said...

Are feminists ever happy?

Is water wet?

Anonymous said...

You can tell a Mexican woman from an American woman 30 feet away, because the Mexican woman is the one who does not look totally pissed off all the time. This is not a joke.

Anonymous age 70

Hoss said...

Feminists will be happy around the same time that the leftists opine that we are finally spending enough money on schools and education.

Anonymous said...

Life beautifully balances itself out. For as much abuse feminists commit, they have to be perpetually bitter in order to do so. They have the frame of mind that women are pathetic weak little damsels who are oppressed by everything and cannot be held accountable for anything. If you believed you're like that, you'd be constantly angry/miserable/whiny, too.

kurt9 said...

You know the joke about feminism:

How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?

Ans: 1) One, dammit! 2) That's not funny!

Unknown said...

Just make "retro-abortion" legal, snuff the kids, and problem solved.

Anonymous said...

James Lileks nailed the definition of feminist a few years ago: "A humorless toothache of a human being"

Herr Wilson said...

"Are feminists ever happy?"

Yes, but it is a trivial, short-lived happiness, much like an addict's high. It is not the sort of long lasting happiness that real adults accomplish by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or achieving a sub-six minute mile run after months of long, hard training or mastering another language. Their happiness is derived from cheap finger-pointing and nitpicking. The nastier and more bitter their tirades are, the greater the satisfaction they achieve. Which is why they can be so, well, nasty. But ultimately, it is short-lived and that is why their nagging never ends.

Rumbear said...

"Are Feminists Ever Happy?"

Rumbears Corollary..

Will Sandra Fluke ever have enough condoms?

jokesfb said...

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jokesfb said...

As much abuse feminists commit, they have to be perpetually bitter in order to do so.

alex said...

Feminist will always live a life of frustration and agony. I've yet to come across one that's "happy".