Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hair or Pecks?

Uh oh, ladies! (and by "ladies" I mean the women in America who read People, US, OK and Cosmo)


I mean, Barack Obama has really nice pecks, and after all you were programmed to vote for him by the public schools and media.

But how can you resist the dynamic full-heads-o-hair duo of Romney and Ryan!

If Romney had ANY disadvantage it was that he had that "touch of gray."  But let's not kid ourselves ladies, we love that touch of gray.  But if we were looking for a hot younger man, well, we got it now with Ryan.

Just look at that picture, they both look like investment bankers!!!  That's soooo sexy!

*SIGH* what is the American female voter to do?  How do we choose?

Well, we could study up on economics, the Constitution, US history, look at the federal budget...


I'm sorry, I just couldn't keep up the charade.  Imagine that, women who read Cosmo and People actually studying the issues and become INFORMED voters.

Oh I kill me!

On a serious note, I do like Ryan in that he's the only guy with the numbers and the mathematical knowledge of what needs to be done to prevent the US economy from collapsing.


sth_txs said...

A Romney/Ryan is still status quo. I'll be staying home this election day. I hate the Republican Party as well. They were dirty with Ron Paul as far as delegates. Romney is very much anti-gun and really Obama lite.

The Republican governor and comptroller twisted Amazon's hand to collect sales tax. Yeah, I better vote Republican for all those low taxes and limited government. (eye roll)

Anonymous said...

Ryan is the only guy with the numbers and the mathematical knowledge of what needs to be done to prevent the US economy from collapsing.

Unfortunately he cannot put that knowledge into effect, or do what needs to be done, when he is VP.

Carnivore said...

Much better to just not give women the vote. Our great-great grandfathers knew what they were doing.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason that no countries ever let women vote. - minuteman

Anonymous said...

An econ major who calls 'bullshit' when he sees it, and is also a Gen-Xer who will be a "heartbeat away from the presidency", should make the Lib Boomers crap their pants.

Good choice.

V10 said...

"On a serious note, I do like Ryan in that he's the only guy with the numbers and the mathematical knowledge of what needs to be done to prevent the US economy from collapsing."

Which means he's dead in the water.

This ship is on a collision course with a massive iceberg. It could have been avoided with minor course changes years ago, but it's too late now. Rearranging the deck chairs can work; a minor shift in the weight distribution of the cargo can add up over time. But time is what we don't have.

It doesn't matter who's at the helm now, there's too much inertia, and the entitled passengers will throw you overboard because your violent maneuvers are rocking the boat and upsetting their pleasant cruise.

The crew, well, that's a mixed bag. Some will try to do their duty, putting their faith in the rules and procedures that have been drilled into them, confident that there are enough lifeboats and that rescue is coming. The rest, particularly those below deck stoking the boilers, have no intention of trying to keep the engines going while the water rises around them.

I've long since resigned myself to the inevitable, and done what I could to lash together a raft from whatever buoyant materials I can find. I think I can make it to shore; I'd rate my chance as better than average. It's the desperate, drowning panicers trying to pull me under that worry me the most. If I can slip away quietly, unnoticed, I should be OK.

And I think I've used up my metaphor quota for the month...

Derrick said...

The Obama propaganda machine already has their smears planned.

OTOH, I don't know if accepting was in Ryan's best interest, especially since Romney is running a McCain-esque campaign

Anonymous said...

Yeah - and Romney and Ryan are actually interested in women. It is all too obvious that Obama's beard, Michelle, can barely tolerate him.

Wonder if Barry and Michelle used artificial insemination?

Dan said...

Ryan is not the only guy with the numbers and knowledge to accomplish something. Romney is very very competent businesswise and has I'm sure an excellent grasp of the issues at hand, certainly better than Obama has or could ever have. But as has been pointed makes no difference. The system is set up so that politicians who attempt to change the status quo have no chance at succeeding. The beaurocracy of millions of public servants is more than a match for the will of a few hundred elected official.....even if those officials had the morals of St Peter....which they don't.

Philanthropist said...

Obama voters want money, they'll take a job as a last resort, but they would prefer Obama just take someone else's money and give it to them. Math means nothing to them, and they vote a lot. Ryan will have to convince them that they'll run out of other people's money someday.

Anonymous said...

The smearing will begin, but I don't think that math has any divorce records for Axelrod to unseal.

Mutnodjmet said...

Captain: Posted a more detailed female response to your query here:

In Times of Universal Media Deceit – Finding the Truth is a Revolutionary Act

Stonelifter said...

Ryan voted
YES on Economic Stimulus Act of 2008
YES on $15 billion bailout for GM and Chrysler.
YES on $192 billion additional anti-recession stimulus spending.
YES on prescription drug benefit for Medicare recipients
YES on extending unemployment benefits from 39 weeks to 59 weeks
YES on Head Start Act
YES on No Child Left Behind Act
YES on emergency $78 billion for war in Iraq & Afghanistan”

I can't see him doing a damn thing about reducing debt. His words are one thing, his actions are another