Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Whilst Packing and Driving My Motorcycle Back

Greetings Cappy Cappites,

In the middle of packing and moving so send your QUALITY posts to me.  To start the day we'll start with a university that has too much money.


Anonymous said...

Captain, does Paul Ryan sound like you?

Anonymous said...

Past tense, hopefully.

Dave said...

In the old days, socialists promised prosperity for the working man. Today they promise "sustainability", which is another word for poverty.

If you can't deliver the goods, deliver something bad and call it a good.

Captain Capitalism said...

Hi Anon,

I suppose so. He and i grew up about 30 miles from each other and around the same time. The Milwaukee dialect would be the same. A lot of people actually mistake me from being from New York is is actually a Chicago accent that peeps out when we get pissed and talk fast.