Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Do You Old Fogeys Regret...

telling all of us youth to "follow our hearts and the money will follow" while at the same time co-signing on our student loans?

Or, maybe even some of you regret following your own advice and at the age of 50 decided to "follow your heart and the money will follow?"

I no longer care to buy myself a P-51 Mustang.

I no longer care to buy a James Bond Villain like house on a lake or in the mountains.

I don't even care to become successful, work hard, or even try.

No, I'm quite content watching all of you idiotic and galactically ignorant morons who made it impossible for people like me to achieve those things suffer because of your own stupidity.  You stole my birthright of a fair and just nation with equal opportunity for all, where the sky was the limit for those willing to try, and turned it into a socialist sh!thole.  Nobody deserves the government we got more than you guys.

Enjoy the decline!


Joe Bar said...

B-b-but, P-51s are kewl!

Carnivore said...

B-b-but, you mean I can't retire at 55, live another 30 years, take trips around the world, cruises, eat out at 5-star restaurants every night of the week, get a new luxury car every 2 years after only having saved $5000 for my retirement????

Lib Arts Major Making $27k/yr At An Office Job said...

Most of them don't.

Not trying to salt the wound (because I feel the same way) but yes - we were sold a lie. It was made all the more palpable at the time because our "trusted" elders were also selling it.

The defining moment of Generation Zero will be if we decide to throw away those elders and their advice to make our own future. One that they don't have a part in. It's questionable whether or not something like that is still possible in today's World.

Even so - we have to try. The only other option is to accept being dragged down in the undertow of the sinking Boomers. It will take prying their dying, bony fingers away from the controls - but Grandma and Grandpa need to realize their time at the wheel is up.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Liberal Arts Major, quite a few of us boomers aren't sinking. We aren't living it up like the folks in Carnivore's fever dream, but we're not sinking, either, We were somehow smart enough to pick sensible careers (how we did that before the Captain wrote his book, I'll never know; luck I guess), worked hard, stayed married, saved money, bought housing within our means, avoided debt....

As far as our hands on the controls, people like me never controlled anything but our own impulses. I don't know whose dying bony fingers you're talking about, but they aren't mine.

Lib Arts Major Making $27k/yr At An Office Job said...

@Anon - It's less about personal debt and more about national debt. SS, Medicare, entitlement programs, etc...

We continue to indebt ourselves as a country to sustain them. Boomers will die (literally) before they see these programs cut or ended. Meanwhile they won't be around to have to pay that debt off, so why should they care? Eat the young to feed the dying - sounds like a great strategy to me.

Anonymous said...

Liberal Arts etc.,
You would be less bitter if you were, say, a petroleum engineer, a plumber, an electrician, high tech welder.... Sadly, this is not to be.

You say you were lied to by those you trusted. Who do you trust now - Obama? It's worth considering that your problems might be traced to misplaced trust rather than the venality of people older than you.

Lib Arts Major Making $27k/yr At An Office Job said...

I trusted my parents and grandparents when they told me over and over again that my education couldn't be taken away from me.

Sure, no one took it away. It was just de-valued into worthlessness. The seven years of time, energy, and effort spent grinding through undergrad and graduate school has amounted to meaningless pieces of paper - nothing more.

I now work as an insurance consultant for my father's firm and I am paid the lowest salary at the company. Well, I am paid more than the mail clerk who makes roughly minimum wage. After about a year of working here, he tearfully told me that I, "have been useful."

Glad I could help - no really. Glad I can have a graduate degree and can't find a job besides working for my father. Glad I can be 27 and still on the teat. It brings me nothing but absolute shame every day I look in the mirror and see a wasted life.

So you know, part of the reason I even read sites like this is to revel in the pain - but also in the slim hope that there is an alternative besides enjoying the decline. Cap echoes a sentiment a lot of Gen Zero has: Why bother?

Why bother trying to make it one step further up the socioeconomic ladder when every facet of the government seeks to tear you right back down and put everyone on the same level?

So I reiterate my first point: old people / boomers don't give a damn about our situation. Why should they? They will be dead. We are left with the pieces.

Who do I put my trust in now? Me, and no one else - to take care of myself and determine my own destiny. If that destiny ends with a .38 cal retirement plan, so be it.

Anonymous said...

Liberal Arts etc., "
"Why bother trying to make it one step further up the socioeconomic ladder when every facet of the government seeks to tear you right back down and put everyone on the same level?"

Indeed, and let the record show that "Generation Zero" voted heavily for the guy who is the all time champion for pushing government to do the stuff you mention.

Captain Capitalism said...

Before this becomes a full ass kicking argument, I think I should point out that Lib Arts Major Making $27K is like Neo just awaking after he took the red pill. When it comes to him or anybody else that is slightly starting to realize what is going on, I think a little charity or kindness is required. I don't believe he is intending to insult anybody, but understand it from his perspective. He was told to pretty much do everything since he was a young boy and he DID those things.

Only to realize it was a lie.

So if he strikes out, ask what was he supposed to do? Accept? Be all cheery with the previous generations?

I accept there were some good baby boomers, but on the whole that generation effed up royally and "in general" deserve the hell I am and am planning to send their way.

Then again, it will pale in comparison to the hell they've wrought upon themselves.

Regardless, let's all ask for a little understanding where everybody is coming from. There are baby boomers who did work for a living. There are Gen Y'ers who have every right to be pissed. In the end realize regardless of your generation you all decided to join the same army. No reason shooting at each other with friendly fire.

Anonymous said...

F4U Corsair. Mustangs are for guys who need long runways.

Mike James