Tuesday, August 14, 2012

For All Minnesotan Readers

From a friend of mine:

I encourage everyone who wants to see Amy Klobuchar defeated to vote today (Tuesday 8/14) in the Minnesota primary for her opponent Jack Shepard
Shepard  is conducting an “Operation Chaos” campaign to defeat her in the primary, and then be defeated by the Republican candidate in November.  Minnesota has an open primary so you don’t have to do anything except walk in and fill in the circle for Shepard.  You don’t have to claim to be a Democrat or ask for a special ballot or anything like that.
And you might as well since the democrats have no problem in Minnesota letting illegal aliens vote, don't care for ID laws and don't mind having people vote multiple times.  This is one of the legal things moral voters can do to stick it back in their face.

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jaericho said...

I'm a fan of Kurt Bills. I was in his poly sci and econ class in high school. I also helped out on his state rep campaign. He is a great guy with good principles.