Sunday, August 12, 2012

There Are No Cupcakes Here

I will immediately start with:

a language warning
a crassness warning
a truthfulness warning

Do note he is not rehearsing this. This is on the fly and therefore from the heart.  He has spent nearly 2 years in Eastern Europe.  If you don't like what he's saying, then I suggest you spend 2 years in Eastern Europe to refute him.  Otherwise, thus far, he is by far the most authoritative expert on the subject.  You don't have to like what he's saying, you just have to admit this is what he has observed and what he believes.

In the meantime, I do believe we may all benefit (men and women) from the observations of Roosh:


Anonymous said...

The first girl to cook me dinner, breakfast, and all of that without making a big deal about it or acting like I owed anything for it? An Italian girl.

Several other European girls have been a lot more feminine than the American girls I've dated.

Once, after cooking nearly every dinner for myself and her for months, an American girl cooked dinner for me. It was a huge undertaking, where I had to help her shop, she needed help cooking, and generally got extremely upset and stressed out over making such a simple thing as food.

Now, many years later, I don't think I could find many American girls that could do that. They've mostly cut their hair short, tried to claim how awesome they are by working in government-supported fields and generally being obnoxious in a way that makes them unattractive to me.

My idea? Wait them out. I still have many years where I can completely ignore them until I'm actually ready to raise a family (and maybe when this ridiculous recession that is only beginning is over).

But now is not the time, and dealing with them is easier and easier, because I no longer get all romantic when I see a pretty face. I've been burned too many times for that. They've got to prove themselves, and very few women nowadays can do that for me. They don't even need to be supermodels, they just have to be easy to deal with and pleasant to be around. It's sad how few women are actually that way now. Oh well, I can do without them if I need to.

Anonymous said...

I remember I once asked a woman out on a date to a nice restaurant. She showed up 25 minutes late and wearing sweatpants.

It was awful.

I guess I should be happy she showed up.

Southern Man said...

Roosh is the field agent that puts game to the test and proves that it works out in the real world. And that a guy who isn't that good looking, who speaks in a monotone, is more intellectual than "sexy" can get laid regularly gives me hope.

beta_plus said...

Hung out with a Russian girl visiting DC two weekends ago. Everything Roosh says is true, especially the personality part. You actually have to tone down your game and buy her flowers, which she'll actually appreciate!

I would have trouble completely believing him, too, if I didn't have at least a little first hand experience.

Roosh said...

"I would have trouble completely believing him, too, if I didn't have at least a little first hand experience."

My purpose is to open your mind and at least try a foreign woman.

Once you do, it's over. The experience will speak for itself.

V10 said...

The last girl I met (let alone dated) who had a pleasant personality and was genuinely pretty* was an intern at our company from Europe. Western Europe, but she personally came from a rural community, so that probably made the difference.

* as in cute, girl-next-door, not hot or smoking, which is usually the result of hours of angry preening and doesn't age well.