Monday, August 13, 2012

Pay Attention HR Ladies

The push back is coming against HR departments thinking they are entitled to your personal lives.

Ladies, I suggest you read this (language warning) and note his angry tone. 

You have the choice of writing off the angry tone as

1.  Somebody who obviously has problems


2.  Realizing you're the one with the problem

Oh, and it isn't just men who are angry, so you just sit and think long and hard what happens to your pool of selection when you decide you're entitled to our personal lives.


Ken said...

Relatedly: How Microsoft Lost Its Mojo. Comes down hard on HR...the label of "Bene Gesserit" seems most appropriate.

Ken said...

Whoops...having an off day. Here's the link for the Bene Gesserit jab at HR ladies.

New Columbia Review said...

I agree Flip Facebook!

If any employer asks me for a FB account, I'll whip out my genitals and tell them " wanna make sure that I'm a man aswell...well here's my manhood."

Not having a FB profile is 'suspicious'? So not being a sociopathic narcissist makes you "suspicious"...Dear God they should have dropped the bomb on all of us long ago.

richardwrites said...

The problem is they mesure all things by themselves. They are self promoters (often) and have the time for Facebook in a job that is not overly demanding. Naturaly they tend to recurit people who are like them.

Paul said...

Killed by employment equity (affirmative action to you Americans), methinks. The Bene Gesserit were, of course, all-female, and as we all know, HR is dominated by females, hence the reference.

After all, once the government mandated hiring teh wiminz, they had to go somewhere, lord knows that there weren't and aren't anywhere near enough of them to fill actual useful roles, especially in high tech.