Saturday, August 25, 2012

Boo Freaking Hoo, Eh?

From our Canadian Agent in the Field:

"Please share my pain and read and share this appalling article.
She contributes nothing. She creates nothing. And despite decades in school, she can't even craft a sentence above a fifth-grade level.
Notice the "action figures" on the shelf behind her head in the photo. A 31-year-old woman! And why doesn't she work? She says, in a barely-literate reply to a reader comment:

I have left school twice  and only managed to get those jobs mentioned above. I have not been graced with good "business connections" merely hard work and  decent grades. This doesn't always lead to lucrative careers. Furthermore, simply having a BA coupled with being a woman (in a still uneven employment market) doesn't bode well  for jumping into a career after an undergraduate degree. I'd say it's starting to become the norm for people to do graduate degrees. I would love it if employers could see the value in the Humanities but sadly, this is not always the case.

"Coupled with being a woman"! I am crying with laughter. She lives in Ontario, because she mentions OSAP."


Anonymous said...

From the article:

"When a high-school teacher told me I couldn’t write, and I should stick to math (which I got near perfect scores in) I took up English as my university major. You get my point."

We get the point. She is psychologically unable to work on her strengths and has bought into the "taking path of greatest resistance" hype over getting useful skills and not being a parasite. Pathetic. She is "sick of begging the government for funding". Maybe there is hope or maybe she'll just too lazy to do even that and will find some poor beta and milk him instead.

Anonymous said...

An amazing person, and not in a good sense. There are plenty of people who like university life. The usual career path is to graduate, possibly get a postgraduate degree, and then if able go for a doctorate and then a faculty position. For those with less ability or less drive there are various teaching assistant positions, lab assistant positions etc., and sometimes go in for IT positions. Such people are essential for science and engineering faculties, and usually lead quiet low-stress lives.

The key feature is that at some point THEY ARE PAID FOR WHAT THEY DO. This girl must be a real nincompoop.

Izanpo said...

Yeah sugar, a BA and $1.85 will get you a large double-double at Tim Horton's.

PS...I married a girl who got a degree in "Wymyn's Studies". I'm paying for it now, and will be for a long long time. Let that be a lesson to you kids out there!

Anonymous said...

Don't get me rearing to go on the paucity of good writing in your run of the mill college graduates! The attempt at elevated diction falls flat repeatedly. It makes me clench my teeth bear down. And the truth is, I think it would have the same effect on the average person if they read it, if he/she can endure to the end.

But I'm CMB*. Even despite that her prose is heavily interlarded with infelicitous near-cliches imported from her vast literature reading, at least she doesn't utilize difficult words wrongly. Except "wrack", but that's not a difficult word. (Yay!)

*Counting My Blessings.

kurt9 said...

Both the writing style as well as her facial expression in the photo suggests the emotional maturity equal to that of a 19 year old. This suggests arrested development. I personally know several people who have arrested development (emotionally immature). This lady reminds me of those people

Anonymous said...

You have to ask what journalistic purpose this article has.

All I can figure is that she wants attention for choosing to ignore life.

She is probably trying to recruit some beta sausage.

Anonymous said...

Ears perking up at the mention of Marx(Karl)is a red flag. Danger! Danger! Ontario is going broke partly due to femminist catering.

Anonymous said...

She is at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. She's also the information officer for local 901 at the Public Service Alliance of Canada which is the federal civil service union. She is 'sick of begging the government for funding'? So that means at 31 years old she doesn't realise that the government has no money, every dollar it gives her for her education is appropriated from someone who earns it. She is 100% parasite.

I foresee a small apartment with a lot of cats 40 years from now.


richardwrites said...

A little off topic but this is Ghost Nation who has had to change his domain.

This was because an anti Semite of some sort cloned my site under a similar name.. this was picked up by Manboobz and the SPLC.

Please link and I will return the favour- and sorry about the inconvenience of changing your link.

heresolong said...

I don't understand her point. She isn't complaining about a lack of government support, not asking for any handouts. Not sure if she is paying for her own degrees although presumably those would be govt provided loans if she is. Somewhat pathetic, nonetheless.

Tam said...

"Notice the "action figures" on the shelf behind her head in the photo. A 31-year-old woman!"

Seth Green is 38. I'm just sayin'... ;)

Tam said...

Incidentally, what can one expect out of somebody who's only gone to 13 through 16th grades?

I just picked up a CJ textbook entitled Terrorism & Homeland Security at the used bookstore the other day, just out of curiosity, since it's been a couple decades since I cracked a textbook...

...and holy crap, this college textbook was written for retarded third graders. You should not need to define "eschatology" for an undergrad.

Oh well, I'm off to immanentize the eschaton.

Cogitans Iuvenis said...

I spilled my coffee this morning when I read this little gem. "value of a humanities degree." I have a humanities degree and its value is a about the same as your yearly cost to an internet connection and a couple of cups of coffee. While your lower level classe are engaging, its nothing tht can't be learned for free. And the higher level classes are nothing more than proproganda.

ScottH said...

One dangerous thing about OSAP: you don't have to make payments on your student loans as long as you're enrolled as a full-time student.

That makes it easy to decide to go back for just one more degree (piling up even more debt) and postpone the day of financial reckoning.

This new degree will land the high-paying dream job, wait and see!

Pat Sullivan said...

What ever happened to parental advice? What`s wrong with her parents? Apparently this girl never received, the "time to grow up speech"?

This women has all sorts of degrees, but with a mind set of a 12 year old.
It`s a rather sad reflection on our society, that our education system produces people like this women.

PersonofInterest said...

"I foresee a small apartment with a lot of cats 40 years from now"


LOL I hope she reads that!

Although, realistically, the smallest, oldest apartments are the best for paying the least amount of indirect property taxes. I'm sure that wouldn't matter to her, but I would just like to put it out there that some people intentionally choose to live that way, minus the cats of course.

Lib Arts Major Making $31k/yr (I Got a raise) said...

In 2012, the Credentialist Crusade has become so strong that people are now addicted to getting more credentials. This is the equivalent of that kid who got a bunch of gold star stickers on their work in 1st grade and saved all those papers. What do those gold stickers amount to?


In school, you are presented with problems that are designed (largely) in a way so that you can come up with a solution, or at least adequately address them. You know the scope of these problems and can coordinate with others in the same situation (classmates) on them or outright get outside help (tutors) most of the time for free.

In the real world in your average job, we are presented with problems that do not have apparent solutions, we cannot often ask for help from people in similar situations, and outside help is extremely costly.

Conclusion: Girl wants reward without risk. Girl also wants to exchange all her gold star stickers she saved up for actual money.

Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

This is appalling. She pretends to be ashamed but she is obviously very proud of herself. I'm new to looking at feminism on the internet and blogs, although I have been concerned about it as a mom for a while now. I just read your Are Feminists Ever Happy? post and now this one. I just had to leave a comment because I see that this woman is my age. What a waste this woman is right now. I can't imagine by her tone that she will do anything productive any time soon.

This woman has to pretend to be embarrassed as she clearly brags, but I won't pretend any such thing. I'm her age and proud of the major choices I've made in my life so far. I'm a stay-at-home mom to 5 young children. The things I do every day have real worth both to the people I love and to society. I support in a loving and real way my husband in his career where he is able to pursue his ambitions and work hard and produce real value. I'm proud of his accomplishments and feel satisfaction in knowing I provide help to him. I'm also raising 4 boys (future producers) and 1 girl (a future wife and mother). I count the ability to take care of the ones I love full-time as a great privilege and responsibility, however, and not an addiction requiring an apology.

What really bothers me when I read this and your feminism post, though, are the disapproving reactions I received from people around me, first, when I married young, next, when I dropped out of college to begin my family young, next, when I continued having several children. Even now, though my husband is successful and my children are well-behaved, I still sometimes receive disapproving reactions from people for being a stay-at-home mom to a large family - as if I am irresponsible or frivolous. And yet I believe those same people would see nothing wrong with what this woman is doing. In fact, I believe they might even point to her as some kind of well-educated role model for young women and to me as some kind of cautionary tale of a woman who didn't get the memo about feminism.

It took some courage and confidence on my part just to marry and have children and live my life in a way that isn't radical or strange or destructive or silly or unproductive at all. And yet this unproductive woman and other women who choose all kinds of strange or destructive or silly paths in life meet with no resistance at all. They think they do, but the world is theirs.

Theo P. said...

"When a high-school teacher told me I couldn’t write, and I should stick to math (which I got near perfect scores in) I took up English as my university major. You get my point."

As a fellow with genius-level IQ and learning disability in math--I had to take 9th grade Algebra four times to manage a C and even then I regained 13% of my body weight that I'd recently lost and was a nervous wreck afterwards. I just decided not to go to college because it wasn't worth the cost.

Now looking at someone with the natural talent to have a productive and lucrative career and gave that up to be a parasite,
I just have this to say:




Anonymous said...

I don't mind the action figures, I've known successful people who have childish habits like that. The issue is that she pursued a degree in the humanities, even though it offers few marketable skills, and she marketed them poorly.